Call of Duty: Warzone fans slate Ricochet as cheaters prosper

Call of Duty Warzone

Even while Call of Duty: Warzone is incredibly popular, it hasn’t been without its share of problems.

When something isn’t right, whether it’s a new cosmetic skin for Roze that’s causing problems or a bug or malfunction destroying matches, the community has also been rather outspoken about it.

Warzone has a lengthy history of cheating and hackers, an issue that Activision appeared to have resolved when it introduced and deployed Ricochet, a new anti-cheating technology.

Warzone appeared to be doing better once it was implemented to the game in late 2021, with cheat merchants closing their doors, cheaters receiving 50k bans per day and overall better matches for all players.

That triumph, however, appears to have been fleeting as cheats and hackers have once more begun to thrive in the free-to-play environment, leaving normal gamers angry and in need of solutions.

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Warzone fans criticize Ricochet following new wave of cheaters

Players have seen an increase in cheating since Call of Duty: Warzone’s Season 4 premiere. Reddit has seen several discussions about the problems with cheating and how it seems to be getting worse.

One of them, from user ArchMageMagnus, said that out of four matches they had played, they had lost three of them due to cheating, with one player using a Swiss K31 sniper rifle at long range and without sight, and another using a Grau to kill them inside a home.

Other commenters added their anecdotes, but they were all connected by the fact that Warzone participants were doubting Ricochet’s efficacy.

According to popular theory, hackers are disguising tools like aimbot as basic aim assistance by adjusting their settings more subtly. The consensus is that Activision will never be able to completely regulate cheating or hacking on the PC, and with crossplay permitted, it will also spread to consoles.

Regrettably, Activision hasn’t provided much information on Ricochet since its February update. Activision then recognized the increase of hackers, which is acknowledged as frustrating, and vowed to keep fighting by updating Ricochet with additional measures. Many people are concerned that the much-anticipated Warzone 2 release later this year will be undercut by cheaters and hackers as well.

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