Halo: Cancelled VR spinoff revealed

Halo Infinite Tactical Slayer Cinematic

A cancelled Halo VR project has been revealed online by 343 Industries developer Dan Chosich.

Chosich is the company’s Narrative Experience Director and he has posted a number of images, and details, relating to the cancelled Halo VR game.

It appears that players could have had the chance to step into the shoes of Master Chief via their VR headsets, which sounds pretty awesome to us.

Chosich claims that the game had the codename of “Reverie” and was being developed before Halo Infinite came out.

The game didn’t appear to get past the phase of concept art being drawn up, however, although there were ideas that have made its way into Infinite.

Of course, VR systems were not as widespread in 2017 and there were a number of development hurdles that Reverie had to overcome if the game was ever going to make it to market.

Chosich has written a blog post, and has also posted in-game screenshots from the very early stages of development.

He wrote: “This page is expressing some of the thinking and challenges we were trying to solve. Turns out, especially in 2017, there were a lot of hard challenges to overcome with VR. Most prominently the fact that it was only available to a small subset of people.

Halo Infinite 2

“For me, the biggest problem was the lack of being able to move freely. However, there were a few examples that were never public from some companies we interviewed that showed an extreme amount of promise.

Strangely, my advantage on this project was that I was highly skeptical of it. I didn’t like 95% of the experiences in VR because they weren’t repeatable destinations. Cool to do once and never again. That was something I wanted to solve.”

Players would have had the option of moving throughout the world using a jetpack, with players using their VR controllers to pick their destination and then make the jump.

It’s an interesting though experiment to think of Halo in VR but there has been some groundwork laid here; it remains to be seen if it is returned to eventually.

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