Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: All Rampage decorations and how to unlock

Monster Hunter Sunbreak

On 30th June 2022, the much-awaited Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion update launched with several new features and gameplay elements. Rampage Decorations is one of these new features.

The new Rampage Decorations provide players access to the powers of Monsters, whilst classic Decos let you enhance common talents like Attack Boost.

Only weapons with a Rampage Decoration slot are eligible to get Rampage Decorations. Weapons with the Master Rank only have access to the Rampage Decoration slot.

The whole list of Rampage Decorations is covered in this guide, along with instructions on how to make and unlock each one in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion.

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How to Unlock Rampage Decorations in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Similar to the standard Decorations in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Rampage Decorations may be added to Master Rank Weapons to improve or add to your Rampage Skills.

You must unlock four Hub Quests, complete Hub Key Gathering Quests, or through Special License Tests through Village Quests to get a high enough rating to unlock these Decos.

Monster Hunter Rise Rampage Decorations
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It is best to kill as many Monsters as you can at Master Rank to guarantee you have unlocked all of the Decos because some of them can only be obtained after you have killed a certain Monster. You can start forging the Rampage Decorations in the Smithy after you’ve unlocked them, but you’ll need forging materials, money, and points.

List of all Rampage Decoration Jewels in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

In Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, jewels are essentially Decorations or Decos that you may put to your armour or weapon to offer particular skills. There are three slots available, and each one teaches abilities or attributes based on a Monster.

The following is a list of all 27 Rampage Decorations in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak:

  • When protecting, Defense Edge Jewel 1’s sharpness is unchanged. (Only Great Sword or Charge Blade)
  • Damage to fanged beasts is increased by the Fanged Exploit Jewel 2.
  • Damage to Bird, Flying, Burte, Piscine, Fanged Wyverns and Leviathans is increased by the Anti-Dragon Jewel 2.
  • Damage to Flying Monsters is increased by Anti-Aerial Jewel 2.
  • Damage to small monsters is increased by Small Monster Jewel 1.
  • Increases damage dealt to Iceblight-afflicted Monsters by Iceblight Jewel 1.
  • Increased damage dealt to monsters with the Thunderblight condition.
  • Increased damage to waterblight-afflicted monsters thanks to Waterblight Jewel 1.
  • Fireblight Jewel 1: Increases the damage dealt to Fireblight-afflicted Monsters.
  • Increases Palico and Palamute attack power and defence with Rally Jewel 1.
  • Spiribird Jewel 1: Spiribirds’ influence is occasionally increased.
  • The effect of the bow’s arc shot is extended by Arc Jewel 2.
  • Brutal Jewel 2: Has a chance to do more damage when attacked with a negative affinity.
  • Damage to aquatic monsters is increased by the Anti-Aquatic Jewel 2.
  • Elembane Jewel 3: Increases damage somewhat while taking advantage of an opponent’s elemental weakness.
  • Magna Soul Jewel 2: Increases attack when under Hellfireblight’s influence.
  • Switcher Jewel 3: When using Morph Attacks, vials receive special effects. (Only Switch Axe)
  • Attacking in Demon Mode in Raging Jewel 3 doubles Sharpness Degradation and improves Affinity. (Only Dual Blades)
  • Wyrmstake Jewel 3 – Increases the damage dealt by the Wyrmstake Cannon by one and lengthens the time that Eruption Cannon Boosts last. (Only Artillery)
  • Each hit from Chameleos Soul Jewel 2 has little chance of increasing Health, Stamina, Attack, or Defense. Each additional strike raises the likelihood.
  • Blast explosion damage is somewhat increased by Teostra Soul Jewel 2.
  • With each piece of Narwa armour worn, the Defense Bonus of a weapon is significantly increased by the Ibushi Soul Jewel 2.
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
  • Sharpness is partly restored when protecting thanks to Defense Master Jewel 3. Only Great Sword/Charge Blade
  • Doot Range Jewel 2: When triggered, this jewel extends the range of effect of a performance. (Only for Hunting Horn)
  • When afflicted with Dragonblight, Valstrax Soul Jewel 2 increases Dragon Element assaults by 20%.
  • Narwa Soul Jewel 2 – Slightly increases a weapon’s affinity with each piece of Ibushi Armor equipped.
  • Daora Soul Jewel 3 – Gradually increases affinity by continuously landing hits on foes in a short space of time.

Simply interact with the Item Boxes in each location to equip Rampage Decorations. To equip them, choose “Manage Equipment” and then “Set Decorations.”

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