PUBG: Top 10 best weapons


Which PUBG weapons are suitable for the endgame and which should be left on the ground? GiveMeSport’s top PUBG weapons are listed below.

The weapons are one of the key elements that may either make or break a shooter. There are throwables and grenades in addition to weapons and rifles. 

You can gain an advantage and improve your gaming with a Molotov cocktail that is well-timed and well-aimed.

PUBG is unquestionably one of the most popular survival shooters and battle royale games ever made. The game has grown its weapons throughout the years and will continue to do so.

Here is GiveMeSport’s list of the greatest weapons you need to get in PUBG, ranging from throwables to sniper rifles.

Top 10 best weapons in PUBG

Below is a list of GiveMeSport’s top 10 best weapons in PUBG They are listed in no particular order:

1. AWM


AWM is essentially the only tool you need to win the game if you hide and snipe. The AWM is the most effective sniper you can find. You can defeat an opponent wearing a level 3 helmet with just one strike. With 100 damage and a respectable reload speed, you practically have invincibility on the battlefield. However, there is a catch: you can only obtain the sniper rifle and its ammunition through airdrops.

2. Frag Grenade

Frag Grenade

There is no better grenade to use if you want to deal damage than the frag. These explosives should always be taken when you come across them during looting. They won’t be very helpful in the first half of the game. When there is a showdown or the playfield is reduced, they can, nevertheless, save the day.



Only an airdrop will allow you to obtain a GROZA. Many PUBG veterans would tell you that it’s the best assault rifle available because of its tremendous damage and rapid speed.  Naturally, it has some drawbacks; for example, the action’s reload time will try your patience. Due to the lack of a foregrip attachment slot, the recoil and aim may be difficult to regulate.

4. Kar98K


The Kar98K is your best option if you’re a sniper who doesn’t appreciate looting airdrops. Of course, it lacks the AWM’s power and cannot deliver headshots in a single shot. The Kar98K is sufficient for killing off lower-level armour, though. The sniper rifle’s slowness is the only drawback. So you must move swiftly and precisely to avoid being beaten.

5. M416


Picking one AR among the several available in PUBG is difficult. M416 is your best option because you can loot it from every location on the map. You can regulate the recoil easily and shoot with more accuracy. Although the damage that was done might appear to be less, the rapid fire rate makes up for it. Overall, the pistol is simple to use, and thanks to the many attachment slots, you may customize it any way you desire.

6. Molotov Cocktail

Molotov Cocktail

The Molotov Cocktail has the power to ignite the surroundings. They aren’t intended to harm someone directly. Instead, you can stop something from happening by blocking doors, obstructing routes, or trapping someone inside a structure.

7. P18C


The pistol is your go-to weapon when all else fails. Imagine not finding valuable stuff or running out of ammo for your firearm. The little pistols come to the rescue in this situation. There are plenty of pistols in PUBG, but the P18C is by far the best. 

A P18C currently provides the least damage, but its speed makes up for it. You can avoid reloading because of the good magazine capacity. It’s also simple to defeat the opponents because of the auto-firing technique.

8. Pan


A pan is the most effective melee weapon you can use right away in the game. In reality, it may be useful if you run out of ammunition and require a means of defence. A well-placed pan to the skull can instantly finish out a challenger.  The pan is also bulletproof. So if you don’t have to constantly check your back then use it as a backpack.

9. S686


Even if shotguns aren’t particularly popular in PUBG, that doesn’t mean we should exclude them from the game. Additionally, if you know how to use a shotgun, you can eliminate an opponent swiftly. Since the S686 fires two bullets at once, the opponent has no chance of escaping. However, if you miss your target, you’re forced to reload slowly. You can use it if you have a quick AR or SMG.

10. Vector


Thankfully, the Vector won’t require you to hunt for airdrops. The SMG is one of the fastest of its class and is simple to obtain. Since recoil is manageable, shooting is simple and accuracy concerns are minimized. The Vector has a small magazine capacity, nevertheless. But the attachments allow you to significantly alter the gun’s appearance.

And that concludes GiveMeSport’s list of the top 10 best weapons in PUBG. You can also try the Beryl M672, P90, S12K, MG3, and SKS, which are all useful weapons.

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