Zenless Zone Zero: Introducing Nekomiya Mana

Zenless Zone Zero: Mana Nekomiya

As the gaming community waits for Zenless Zone Zero to be released, the developers have added a new character.

The upcoming RPG game will allow players to control a character known as a Proxy, a sort of stand-in protagonist who can explore Hollows.

ZZZ and Genshin Impact share some similarities as they feature a steady stream of characters over time.

HoYoverse has already confirmed several characters where they will join a player’s team for an adventurous Hollows exploration.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s go over everything we know about Zenless Zone Zero’s latest character and which faction they’ll be a part of.

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Nekomiya Mana joins Gentle House

Nekomiya Mana joins Gentle House
Image: Hoyolab

ZZZ has already mentioned a few playable characters, as well as their voice actors, as well as more details about the factions to which they belong. However, the game’s developers have now introduced a new character, “Nekomiya Mana.”

“An extremely energetic girl whose mischievous side sees her play the occasional trick, though only occasionally.”

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According to ZZZ, Mana Nekomiya is mischievous and spirited, she likes to tease her friends. Your wallet is her wallet literally.

Additionally, she is described as athletic and daring, so no Hollow is too dangerous for her. Having said that, Mana Nekomiya is also a member of Gentle House aka the Cunning Hares.

She will now join forces with Anby Demara, the first confirmed character, a mysterious young woman who never speaks about her past like she doesn’t know it as well as Nicole Demara, who frequently features in Zenless Zone Zero trailers and she seems to be a big part of the game’s story.

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Princess Peach in Super Mario

A simple one to begin with, we beg you know this – otherwise I’d just stop here.

Nekomiya Mana will also join forces with Soldier 11, an obedient soldier, and Billy Kid, an elegant cyborg who refers to his high-calibre revolvers as “the girls.”

There you have it, the latest charter to join the game. It is unclear how many factions will be available at launch, but HoYoverse has teased that there will be a few more revealed later.

At this time, the game has no official release date, but we hope to hear more from HoYoverse soon.

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