Genshin Impact: Video reveals the Eleven Fatui Harbingers

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Although the playable roster of Genshin Impact is the major emphasis, the announcement of new legendary enemies frequently sparks even more excitement among the community.

Popular high-ranking members of the notorious Fatui organization are known as the Eleven Fatui Harbingers. Nine out of the eleven Harbingers are depicted in the video, Teyvat Chapter Interlude Teaser: A Winter Night’s Lazzo assembled to honour Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter, better known as La Signora, who was murdered by Raiden Shogun, the Electro Archon.

When she fought Venti and took his Gnosis, she became the game’s first Harbinger. Along with Rosalyne, Scaramouche is another Harbinger who is absent from the video. Players are now able to view all the other Harbingers’ first public appearances before they eventually become playable characters.

They all have supernatural abilities that are strengthened by Delusions that the Cryo Archon Tsaritsa bestowed upon them. Stick around to find out more about the video.

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Genshin Impact video reveals the Eleven Fatui Harbingers

The Eleven Fatui Harbingers are discussed in greater detail in a recent video that was uploaded on the official Genshin Impact YouTube channel.

The legendary Cryo Archon Tsaritsa, who reigns over the Snezhnaya people, is served by all the Harbingers. Fan theories claim that Snezhnaya is modelled on Russia, which makes sense given that the term Tsaritsa means Queen or Empress in Russian.

The majority of the Genshin Impact community was unprepared for the formal debut of the Harbingers because the game is now concentrating on developing a brand-new significant location called Sumeru.

Fans anticipate him to be a five-star character with the Catalyst as his primary weapon when it comes to his rarity. Recent reports claim that Scaramouche could have his boss domain before becoming a playable character.

He was initially intended to be the Electro Gnosis carrier, which would have allowed him to become the Electro Archon, according to the description of one of the recently added artefact sets called Husk of Opulent Dreams.

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In addition to event and update announcements, character bios, and other information, Genshin Impact is renowned for releasing such crucial narrative moments on its YouTube channel. Similar chapter videos are viewed by devoted players who follow the storyline.

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