Dana White: UFC President slammed for gift to famous YouTuber

Dana White Kyle Forgeard

Dana White is the President of UFC and thus is one of the biggest names in sport, certainly in the world of combat sport and he has the money to show for his efforts.

As of 2022, he has a net worth of around $500 million as per Marca so certainly has money to burn, with his role you’d imagine that will only go up with all his sponsorship deals, TV deals and pay-per-view events.

On the other hand, his friend, Kyle Forgeard is an incredibly successful YouTuber and is part of the NELK Boys group, boasting over 7.42 million subscribers on the platform.

The NELK Boys have collaborated with UFC multiple times to help grow both platforms, with White having a great relationship with Forgeard.

Today is Forgeard’s birthday, with the YouTube star now 28 years old and celebrating his special day at what looks like a nice restaurant with White in attendance.

As you can imagine, White wasn’t empty handed, he had a present for his mate, all wrapped up and on the table.

Forgeard unwraps the gift to see a cardboard box to open next, he opens the box up and pulls back the red tissue paper to unveil a big plastic bag.

Dana White deals bad news to UFC

He pulls it out of the box to unveil a huge bag of money, Forgeard is visibly shocked and White is loving the reaction to his gift.

We don’t actually have to guess how much money is in the bag, it looks an obscene amount and is. Forgeard tweeted the video out himself, saying: “Uncle @danawhite just gave me $250,000 for my birthday..”

It’s not up to anyone to decide how anyone spends their own money, regardless of their opinions on how someone goes about splashing the cash.

However, it appears the replies to Forgeard’s tweet has plenty of people angered at White’s present, with some of the replies reading: “Pays his fighters 20k then gives away 250k to someone who doesn’t need it.”

“He just paid you more than he pays 90% of his entire roster LMAO.”

“He ain’t pay his fighters like that.”

“Yet the fighters that sacrifice their health for entertainment to make Dana money will never sniff this amount.”

“Tell him to use that money to pay his fighters. Jesus Christ what a joke.”

It’s clear to see the outrage caused, but ultimately it is White’s money to spend and give away how he pleases, regardless of what anyone thinks.

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