Halo: Co-Op beta delayed to later this week

Halo Infinite Tactical Slayer Cinematic

The Halo Infinite cop-op beta test was expected to launch on July 11th but has been pushed back, although it is not technically a delay.

As per PC Gamer, the beta was due to begin on Monday but has been paused, with the community director at 343 Industries, Brian Jarrard, announcing as much on Twitter.

Still, Jarrard has said that he wants the beta to release later this week, so it may well have simply been a process of fine-tuning the details.

He wrote: “Fighting is fluid as the process entails discovering issues in initial rings and resolving them before expanding to a larger audience. A few issues were discovered in our current flight ring and the team is working to address.

“Apologies to folks who expected the flight today – we’re eager to get this into your hands but we also want to ensure it’s a positive and worthwhile flight experience. Still targeting this week but it’s day by day as work continues. Ty (Thank You) for your patience and understanding.”

There is some technical jargon in there which has been translated by PC Gamer.

Halo Infinite

“Flighting” is a term for beta testing used within 343 games, while “rings” are milestones that need to be passed before more testing is allowed to happen.

It’s all to do with Halo’s in-game language, and clearly Jarrard is well-versed in the lingo.

He has also explained that the co-op beta start date was never formally announced, so it wasn’t a firm date, and he says that “the target was the week of July 11”. He had previously warned there may be delays at the start of July.

That has come to pass and we’ll keep you updated when we hear any more about the co-op beta test’s release date.

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