eSports Boxing Club: Official gameplay footage, ft. Terence Crawford, looks insane

eSports Boxing Club Terence Crawford

Footage of Terence Crawford in the new eSports Boxing Club game has been released, teasing that the new game could be close to finally being made available to buy.

Boxing fans have been waiting for a new, official boxing game to enter the market, with the release of eSports Boxing Club highly anticipated after being pushed back from its initial release date.

To begin with, the aim was to release early access in the summer of 2021, but that was pushed back with the new target mid-2022, so it could be imminent.

Their official YouTube channel has released official gameplay, giving fans a first look into the mechanics of the game, with Crawford the star man in the video.

The footage is in third person, with a range of fighters taking on the AI version of Crawford, displaying a bunch of angles as well as Bud knocking out all the opponents in his way, similar to his real life career!

You’d imagine the game will have the option to let you box in first person as well as in third person, although no first person footage was in the initial trailer we’ve just seen.

One thing that annoys gamers all over the world in sporting titles is repetitive commentary lines that aren’t even too accurate or relevant to what’s happening in the match.

Thankfully, from the gameplay we’ve seen, the commentary seems incredibly accurate, with interesting facts about Crawford, whilst talking about his tactics and presence in the ring to line up with what was happening in the game.

It feels like ages since there has been a boxing game that has been huge, with some of the best being the Fight Night and Rocky Balboa titles way back in the day!

Whilst there’s no official release date to look forward to, the fact we now have this official gameplay trailer, it suggests we could be much closer to the release date after over a year waiting.

Steel City, the game developers of eSports Boxing Club, have confirmed that the title will be released on all platforms, but will likely be out on PC and Xbox first. However, it will make its way onto PS4 and PS5 to give all gamers a chance to land a knockout blow.

We’re certainly excited to finally get our hands on this game, it has been a long, long wait since the news first broke of the title, so we’re relieved it’s finally edging closer.

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