Ronaldo, Salah, Mane: The 7 footballers looking in the best shape ahead of 2022/2023

Which footballers have been hitting the weights the hardest this summer?

The off-season is no longer just a brilliant opportunity for players to put their feet up on a sunny beach in Marbella whilst sipping on a cocktail.

Nowadays, we’re seeing more and more amongst the game’s elite stack on the pounds in a bid to become a more complete package that’s capable of bossing the game with their physical prowess.

You’ll know full well about this new trend. Your Instagram and Twitter feeds were no doubt brimming with the finest examples of insanely fit and dedicated individuals putting in the work under the Greek or Spanish sun.

Who, though, would we say has reaped the most benefits from swapping their mojitos for protein shakes?

The 7 footballers looking in the best shape ahead of the new season

Mason Mount

It’s no secret that the 23-year-old has been putting in the work in the gym for a while now. Whilst he’s always clearly been an incredibly talented player, the one area he lagged behind many of his Premier League rivals in was physicality.

Now, that’s totally understandable given he was still a young lad back then. But three seasons on and, well, it’s fair to say those troubles are well and truly in the rear-view mirror…

Photo credit: MasonMount Instagram

Photo credit: MasonMount Instagram

Marcus Rashford

Rashford had a tough season last time out compared to the lofty standards he’s set himself since bursting onto the scene.

But with United under new management and a renewed feeling around the club since Erik ten Hag’s arrival, it seems Rashford is more determined than ever to bounce back with a bang.

He shared this photo to his socials at the beginning of June that will almost certainly have opposition defenders sweating about the prospect of facing him in a one v one.

Credit: marcusrashford Instagram

Sadio Mane

Mane got his wish and so you’ll no longer be watching him rip up Premier League right-backs on Match of the Day most Saturday nights.

Instead, you can tune into the Bundesliga and watch him tee off against what is almost certainly weaker opposition so watching his progress will be fascinating.

Weaker opposition or not, though, Mane is taking no liberties and has been putting in the graft this off-season.

He shared this training photo to his Instagram whilst undergoing some preparation in Mallorca.

Credit: sadiomaneofficiel Instagram

Anthony Elanga

United’s young Swedish star has been earning comparisons to the great Cristiano Ronaldo thanks to his unwavering work ethic off the pitch.

He’s been working with a private strength and conditioning coach in a bid to enhance his physical attributes and it seems the plan is working to perfection if a recent training video is anything to go by.

In the clip, the 20-year-old can be seen completing a 63-inch box jump which is just four inches off the world record height. Granted, he did have a run up, but it’s still some feat.


Elanga beast mode unlocked 🔓🔥 #UnitedOnTikTok #MUFC #ManUtd #AnthonyElanga

♬ original sound – Manchester United

Scott McTominay

Keeping in with the United theme then and this time it’s their ferocious Scotsman.

McTominay must have been feeling slightly left out after all the plaudits Rashford and Elanga had been receiving, so decided to jump in on the act with a post-training pic of him and his workout partners.

Mohamed Salah

It will come as no surprise to you that the Egyptian King has been hitting the gym as hard as ever.

Salah, along with Ronaldo, are probably the two footballers most renowned for their elite mental and physical dedication to perfection.

So, whilst they might not have ‘bulked up’ or undergone any huge transformation, we thought we’d give you a quick update on how the two fitness machines are looking ahead of the new season.

Credit: mosalah Instagram

I mean, come on. That’s just ridiculous…

Cristiano Ronaldo

And now for the ultimate, most consummate professional sportsman on the planet right now.

Ronaldo is reportedly angling to get out of Old Trafford in order to restore Champions League football in his playing career, but the Portuguese icon isn’t letting that hinder his own pre-season preparations, even if he has been forced to skip the club’s pre-season tour due to ‘family circumstances’.

A photo was shared to Ronaldo’s 468 million Instagram followers of the superstar looking absolutely shredded.

Credit: Cristiano Instagram

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