Madden 23 ratings: Top 10 fastest running backs revealed

Madden 23:

The running back is an important position in American football, and EA Sports has revealed the fastest runners as part of the ongoing Madden 23 ratings.

Madden 23 is one of the most anticipated games, and it will be released worldwide on 19th August 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC.

It’s the first game since John Madden’s death, so many fans expect developers to go all out to make it one of the best.

And that is exactly what the developers are doing, as Madden rating week has revealed some of the highest-rated players in various positions.

The next highly rated top ten revealed is as good as it gets; scroll down for the top ten fastest running backs in Madden 23.

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Who is the fastest RB in Madden 23?

Madden 23: Fastest running backs revealed

Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, are two of the most successful quarterbacks in the modern game. However, their success is also based on a successful pass, which wouldn’t be perfect if it didn’t land safely in the hands of their running backs.

Speaking of running backs, EA has revealed the top 10 fastest running backs in Madden 23, along with their official ratings.

Check it out below:

  1. Raheem Mostert – Miami Dolphins – 95 OVR
  2. Jonathan Taylor – Indianapolis Colts – 94 OVR
  3. Kene Nwangwu – Minnesota Vikings – 94 OVR
  4. Derrick Henry – Tennessee Titans – 93 OVR
  5. Tony Pollard – Dallas Cowboys – 93 OVR
  6. Kenneth Walker III – Seattle Seahawks -93 OVR
  7. Matt Breida – New York Giants -93 OVR
  8. Ty Chandler – Minnesota Vikings – 93 OVR
  9. Nathan Conttrell – Jacksonville Jaguars – 92 OVR
  10. Nick Chubb – Cleveland Browns – 92 OVR

While the above list includes some of the fastest running backs in Madden 23, some fans believe the official ratings aren’t up to par, which sparked some critical comments on Twitter.

However, Miami Dolphins running back Raheem Mostert has claimed the top spot. Mostert recently joined the Dolphins as an unrestricted free agent from San Francisco on 17th March 2022.

Check out this awesome video of Mostert doing his thing, talk about a speedy Gonzales.

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Now that you’ve seen the top 10 fastest running backs in Madden 23, we’ll keep you posted as new rankings come in throughout the week.

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The ratings for this year’s Madden 23 are also quite accurate, as the rating system used by EA is realistic, which is pleasing to game fans.

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