Madden 23: Who made it to the 99 Club?

Madden 23:

With the release of a new version of everyone’s favourite football simulation game Madden 23, some players will join the exclusive 99 Club.

Induction into the 99 Club is one of the most prestigious honors for NFL players as it represents the best of the best.

While we are officially in Madden mode, several ratings have already been revealed, some of which belong to the illustrious 99 club.

Every day this week, EA will reveal the player ratings as well as the top 10 players in different positions in Madden 23.

However, it is those who have made it into the 99 club that fans have been waiting for, so scroll down to see who has so far entered the 99 club so far.

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Who are the 99 Club members?

Madden 23: 99 club members.

The 99 overall club is an elite group of Madden 23 players who have reached the top of their positions. In build up the game’s release day, five players will be featured, and each day during Madden ratings release week, one top-ranked player will be announced.

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So far, the following players have joined the Madden 23 99 Club:

Trent Williams, 49ers

Madden 23: 99 club

The left tackle for the 49ers Trent Williams was the first member of the Madden 99 club to be inducted. After all, he was the first offensive lineman in history to receive a 99 overall rating.

See how Williams got his 99 Club chain and trophy in grand style.

Davante Adams, Raiders

Davante Adams added to the Madden 23 99 club

EA Sports announced Monday morning that newly-minted Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams would be the second member of the 99 Club, after amassing over 1,500 yards and 123 receptions during his last season in Green Bay.

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See how Davante Adams received his induction.

Myles Garrett, Browns

Madden 23 : Myles Garrett 99 club

Among the top-ranked pass rushers in the video game, Myles Garrett is also one of the game’s most renowned players.

On Tuesday, Garrett was announced as the third member of the 99 Club, the first defender to join this year. After a career-high 16 sacks in 2021, Garrett makes the 99 Club after missing out on the 99 Club in Madden 21.

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We can certainly expect one or two more surprises during Madden 23 rating week now that we know who the three inductees are.

On 19th August 19 2022, the game will be released worldwide for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and PC.

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