Conor McGregor's hilarious reaction to obsessed fan's email

  • Max Emes
Conor McGregor's hilarious reaction to obsessed fan's email

Conor McGregor has achieved many great things both inside and outside of the Octagon. But he’s also been involved in numerous incidents both inside and out of the cage as well.

In a recently resurfaced clip, an astounded McGregor read out an email from one very obsessed fan that has followed him religiously.

Although the email itself is pretty scary to hear, it makes for absolutely hilarious viewing.

The email is so bizarre as the fan claims to have a very close relationship with the Irishman, which left him in shock and laughter due to the strangeness of the content.

This is what the fan had sent to the Irishman via email: “What’s going on here?

“I feel like we have been sharing this love online and elsewhere.

“I see us having a number of children: Ella, Shannon, Connor, Hugh, Michael, James, Sheamus are some names I have in mind.”

After reading the email, the Notorious responded to his fellow friends, saying: “Now, I have not written back to this crazy b**** once.

“She keeps on sending emails, emails, emails like big detailed ones like that naming the kids and everything. It’s f***** up, innit?”

McGregor is married to his wife Dee Devlin and has been with her for the majority of his life, which makes the obsessed fan’s email that much weirder.

She was born in the same neighbourhood as McGregor and the pair have been together since 2008. She has seen him change from a young boy to a man who has significantly impacted the UFC.

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They are also parents to three kids; Conor Jr, Croia and Rían.

Reading this email from a fan, McGregor was surprised that she had claimed they had something special going online when he hadn’t sent one email back to her.

It doesn’t stop there when the fan then proclaims she has visions of the pair having children together, despite McGregor having his own with Devlin.

It is one of the most bizarre comments a fan has made to an athlete in recent years. Due to the nature of the email being very personal, it makes it even harder to comprehend when McGregor has his own family already.

However, the fan sending several emails raises concerns about how obsessed she truly is with him.

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