Commonwealth Games 2022: Fans slam cost of 'ghostly' looking sausage and chips

Commonwealth Games food

The 2022 Commonwealth Games got underway this week with fans beginning to pour into stadiums and arenas to witness the spectacular sport on offer.

However on Friday night, it wasn’t just the sports stars that were making people talk.

On a night where some of the best swimmers in the world took to the lanes of the pool, people were quick to turn their attention to the food prices.

There has been a continuous trend of meals at such events not matching up to the amount of money that fans are parting with, but one spectator’s social media post sent people into a frenzy.

Matthew (The Pieman) Williams took to Twitter to share an image of a mini cardboard plate that fit into one hand and contained a lone sausage and some ghostly-looking chips.

Alongside the image, he wrote: “Hello @FootyScran, this is the sausage and chips I had at the Sandwell Leisure Centre ahead of tonight’s swimming events at @birminghamcg22. This cost £9.80!”

Many replies were quick to blast the pricing as it was a sharp contrast to the feast of quality that was on offer in the pool.

One response read: “How much!! Even in the local chip shops that would cost £5. Daylight robbery.” Whilst another was quick to quip: “Is it extra to get the chips cooked?”

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Alongside the jeers and jokes, there was some genuine medical concerns with one response reading: “If the sausage is as undercooked as the fries, this meal ends up in gastroenteritis …”

Whilst another fan was quick to offer a money-saving tip saying: “Money Grubbers they are. Take sandwiches next time!”

Although in agreement with the majority of replies, Williams was quick to reassure people that the meal had been somewhat worth his money as he replied:

“It’s a lot I grant you, but the chips were tasty, and the sausage was apparently an award winner!”

Hopefully the sausages won’t be the only award winners at the games over the coming weeks as sporting greats take to the stage for keen fans.

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