WWE SummerSlam: Brock Lesnar's crazy spot with Paul Heyman

WWE SummerSlam: Brock Lesnar's crazy spot with Paul Heyman

It’s a move we’ve all seen a thousand times before and yet it still holds a special place in all wrestling fans’ hearts.

When Brock Lesnar picked up Paul Heyman in a fireman’s carry, everyone inside the Nissan Stadium knew what was coming next.

The Special Counsel for Roman Reigns had been begging Lesnar to end his attack on the Samoan when he was effortlessly lifted then twisted and slammed down through the commentary table in the devastatingly fluid manner unique to Lesnar. Clearly the F-5 knows no mercy…

Finishing a 56-year-old administrator is one thing, but defeating the reigning WWE Universal Champion is quite another as Lesnar was soon to discover.

The former UFC star Lesnar arrived to the ring in a tractor and immediately set about ploughing his opponent with a flurry of early moves. Diving off the tractor and onto Reigns set the tone early in the bout and Lesnar continued to be the aggressor, dishing out a belly-to-belly suplex and German suplex as his opponent seemed too stunned to reply.

This all changed when Heyman was brought out to distract Lesnar, and whilst he would pay for this bold – or foolish, depending on your perspective – move later in the contest, it did allow Reigns to get a foothold in the bout. Reigns put Lesnar through a table and followed up the move with two Superman punches which seemed to do little to The Beast Incarnate.

Following some showmanship involving the tractor to fire up the Nashville crowd, Lesnar hit Reigns with a sequence of German suplexes and an F-5 attempt which couldn’t quite reach the 10-count.

Lesnar soon realised that performing an F-5 on Reigns was a very different proposition than it was on Heyman, with the reigning champion able to counter the next attempted signature move and perform a guillotine choke which Lesnar was able to power out of.

The fight then descended into pandemonium as Lesnar got behind the wheel of the tractor and preceded to lift up a corner of the ring, rolling Reigns under the ropes for another count.

The Usos then appeared from nowhere to jump Lesnar, but was somehow held off along with Reigns, as Lesnar stunned the crowd with his F-5 on Heyman.

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Just as it seemed the title match was finally coming to a conclusion, it took yet another turn as Theory – another unexpected visitor – dropped Reigns with the Money in the Bank briefcase. However, Lesnar again brought out the F-5 to stop Theory cashing in in dramatic fashion. Reigns showed his gratitude to Lesnar by spearing him and attacking him with Theory’s briefcase, with Lesnar narrowly missing out on the 10-count.

Reigns showed his mastery of using props to his advantage as he resorted to utilising even his WWE championship belt to hit Lesnar, but the damage to his prized hardware was well worth it as it enabled him and The Usos to bury Lesnar under debris from the demolished ring to secure the win.

However, not even the carnage of the tractor, The Usos and Theory’s dramatic entrance could detract from Lesnar’s poetic F-5 on Heyman.

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