Rooney, Beckham, Salah: Greatest Premier League goals of the season ever

Man Utd's Van Persie

Winning the Premier League at the end of a 38 game campaign is what matters, but what really resonates with passionate fans are the best goals scored within a season.

Nothing beats going back and sieving through goal of the season compilations, unearthing incredible memories that we had previously forgotten about.

After all, what’s better than going down a compilation rabbit hole, reminiscing about our favourite footballing seasons and remembering obscure players we’d completely forgotten about? Very little. That’s for sure.

In what is considered by many as the strongest, most competitive league in the world, it’s no surprise to learn that there have been an unhealthy number of world class goals scored over the years. The back catalogue is genuinely insane.

That makes those goals that win the top prize that is the goal of the season award even sweeter, because they’ve got to be seriously special in most cases.

From long range thunder strikes to intricate, neat passages of play, and even volleys plucked out of thin air, the Premier League really has seen it all since it’s 1992 inception.

And with the 2022/23 season on the horizon, now feels as good a time as ever to look back and highlight the best of the best when it comes to goals of the season. So, we at GIVEMESPORT have done exactly that, and ranked the greatest Premier League goals of the season. Take a look below.

Battle for Tielemans begins (Football Terrace)

12. Mohamed Salah vs Manchester City (2021/22)

Old doesn’t always have to be gold, and Salah proved exactly that with his goal of the season against Manchester City in 2021/22.

Chopping through City’s defenders like a hot knife through butter, the Egyptian wriggled through the tightest of gaps with unworldly footwork to completely undo Pep Guardiola’s side at Anfield, before rifling home. Balance, skill, composure – an instant classic.

11. Tony Yeboah vs Wimbledon (1995/96)

Certainly one of the strangest strikes to win the award, but also one of the best in the process. Yeboah’s goal vs Wimbledon looked like he was constantly going to lose the ball, but he just didn’t.

Instead, the Ghanaian forward built up momentum by plucking the ball out of the air, chopping an opponent into oblivion and running back onto the ball, before absolutely smashing it into the top corner. Keeper had no chance.

10. Paulo Di Canio vs Wimbledon (1999/00)

All the swagger in the world in this volley from Di Canio. Seriously, this goal is timeless. And so difficult to pull off like he did.

Decked out in an equally as iconic West Ham shirt, the Italian hurled himself into the air to meet the ball by throwing one leg up for momentum, before then swinging the other forward and blasting it past the goalkeeper. Good luck trying to recreate this one.

9. Papiss Cisse vs Chelsea (2011/12)

The streets will never forget Cisse at Newcastle. In fact, it’s pretty impossible when you remember the catalogue of goals he scored for the Magpies, this one of which he described as the best he ever scored.

The second of a brace against Chelsea, Cisse runs onto a chested down ball in the channel and immediately unleashes a wicked, outside foot volley that whips over everybody and beyond Petr Cech, who was stranded. Genuinely had no right to score from such an angle.

8. Andros Townsend vs Manchester City (2018/19)

Townsend is the king of only scoring worldies, and his effort against City was exactly that. They say it’s two for a volley, but this goal deserved to count for five or six.

Sitting on the edge of the box aimlessly waiting for the ball to fly his way, Townsend gets what he wants and makes the most of it, not thinking twice and firing a wicked, full fat volley into the net and securing a win for Crystal Palace. Genuinely stunning. Good luck replicating that one.

7. David Beckham vs Wimbledon (1996/97)

Poor Wimbledon. On the receiving end of yet another goal of the season, this time it was a young Beckham using them to steal the headlines. He did so with an obscene effort.

Spotting the keeper off their line is one thing, but to instinctively decide to take a shot from on the halfway line and actually pull it off is something very few can do. Beckham made it look ridiculously easy. We bet he could still do it today, too.

6. Robin van Persie vs Aston Villa (2012/13)

Perhaps the last time Manchester United fans were truly happy with their team, Van Persie rounded off an electric season in which he carried the Red Devils to the Premier League with a hat-trick against Villa.

It was this trio of goals that officially secured United the title in a 3-0 win at Old Trafford, but it was the volley that stood out, for obvious reasons. Running onto a big diagonal from Wayne Rooney, the Dutchman watched the ball down and rifled an incredible volley from outside the box, sending the crowd into frenzy. Effortless.

5. Dennis Bergkamp vs Newcastle (2001/02)

What made Bergkamp so special was the fact that he was capable of pulling off a worldie like this just about whenever he fancied. This one against Newcastle, though, is magnificent.

Starting the move off from deep, the Dutchman makes a late run and picks up a bobbling pass through the middle, leaving the defender in the dust with a deft first touch and swivel, before reuniting with the ball in the box, shrugging off the defender again and slotting it past the goalkeeper. Very few in football could finish that chance so seamlessly.

4. Dele Alli vs Crystal Palace (2015/16)

Announcing himself to the Premier League in supreme style, young Alli was an absolute baller.

Fearless at his best, Alli displayed an unrelenting confidence and technical excellence against Palace in his debut season, taking a headed ball down on his knee, flicking it over an oncoming defender and, on the turn, striking it out of mid-air first time and into the back of the net. Sublime.

3. Patrik Berger vs Charlton (2004/05)

Berger pulled off his best Bergkamp impression in 2004/05 to win the goal of the season, and it really doesn’t get talked about enough. Seriously, what a goal.

Dropping deep while wrestling a defender, the Czech midfielder flicks the ball over himself and his marker with his first touch, before swivelling and meeting the ball with a ridiculous volley that loops into the back of the net from considerable distance. You just can’t get bored watching efforts out of the air like that.

2. Jack Wilshere vs Norwich (2013/14)

Prime Wilshere and a flash of peak Wenger ball. Hold back the tears, Arsenal fans. The good days will return eventually.

Team goals get lost in and among the excitement of solo scorchers, but this is one of the greatest ever. You can’t watch it without breaking into a Gary Neville-esque ‘ooooh’ and understandably so. Flicks, tricks, intricate passes and line-splitting, inch perfect movements finished off by Wilshere absolutely decimated Norwich. Football heritage.

1. Wayne Rooney vs Manchester City (2010/11)

It’s going to take something rather spectacular to knock Rooney’s derby day bicycle kick off the top spot. Like, seriously special.

The sheer audacity to even try and pull this off is a joke in itself. So to watch Rooney launch himself in the air and meet Nani’s cross that was travelling behind him, and smash it into the back of the net at maximum power – with his shin – is absolutely obscene. Street striker levels from the ultimate street footballer. Rooney was a menace.

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