Green Bay Packers RB AJ Dillon involved in bizarre incident with security at Bayern Munich v Man City

AJ Dillon involved at an incident at Lambeau Field

Green Bay Packers running back AJ Dillon has been caught up in a rather peculiar incident during a recent game at Lambeau Field. 

We still have a little bit of time to go before the NFL season gets underway for real, but with players set to return for training camp this week, this past weekend gave the players what might be their last bit of freedom to enjoy themselves before the grind begins.

And when it comes to grind, Green Bay Packers running back AJ Dillon certainly knows how to put that in, as photos of him from a charity softball game from a few weeks ago show that he puts in a lot of effort in the weight room, work that has seen him rack up over 1,000 yards rushing and 7 touchdowns during his two seasons in the NFL so far. 

But he’s also someone who knows what it’s like to have fun, as he has shown during this offseason in some rather unusual ways. 

Trying out for defence?

In one of the more bizarre clips that emerged from NFL players over the summer, Dillon was involved in a collision with the mascot of a minor league baseball team in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the Packers’ home state:

However this one was a little more awkward and was perhaps fortunate not to escalate into anything slightly more serious. 

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In what year were the Packers founded?

From football to futbol

Lambeau Field this past weekend played host to a preseason friendly, and it’s first ever soccer game, as Bayern Munich took on Manchester City, in a game the English side ran out 1-0 winners thanks to a new goal from summer signing Erling Haaland. 

Dillon was at the game supporting the German side, and in a video posted on TikTok by @mlunag23 (relayed on Twitter by @Atlas2686), Dillon tried to perform the famous Lambeau Leap whilst surrounded by other fans of the side, only for a security officer to mistake him for an ordinary fan and try to restrain him: 

Dillon took to Twitter after the event to explain the situation:

Now the phrase ‘Don’t you know who I am?’ can be seen as something of a cliche and something that you don’t really want to hear anybody say as it sounds as if they’re putting themself on a pedestal higher than their qualifications and stature would warrant.

But given where he was, you kind of feel that the security officer really could have given him a little bit of leeway when it came to what he was doing, after all he has possibly worked plenty of games at Lambeau Field before and may have even guarded Dillon whilst he was running out the tunnel.

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