Mercedes, Ferrari, Red Bull & Liverpool, Man Utd, Arsenal: F1 teams and their PL equivalents

Formula One x Premier League Teams

Formula One and the Premier League are both the pinnacles of their respective sports, for many budding racing drivers and footballers, these are the heights you dream of reaching.

With any sport having a field of competitors with ranging fortunes on the track and pitch, teams from both sports are comparable to find their equivalent.

Thankfully for us, SRLSport on Instagram has compiled a list where they have decided on which Formula One team matches up to which Premier League side.

MercedesManchester City

“Not a lot of history in the sport, but now dominating it.”

Winning eight consecutive titles from 2014 to 2021, no one has been able to touch Mercedes at the top of the table. Both teams had a little bit of success in the early 20th century too.


“An old great of the sport that had fallen away, but now making a comeback.”

Both teams used to dominate the sports, but haven’t been at their best for a while. However, both are back at the top and now winning honours and races – both have red as their team colours too, added bonus!

Red BullChelsea

“Cash injection in early 2000s. Ruthless with drivers.”

Red Bull and Chelsea both came from nowhere to the front of the field and still play towards the top end now thanks to heavy investment. Both are known to be ruthless in their changing of drivers and managers.

WilliamsManchester United

“One of the most historic teams in the sport who have struggled recently.”

Williams are now languishing at the back of the grid and struggling to compete with anyone, the same can be said for Man United. Both were once dominant forces but neither are close to their dizzying heights.

McLarenNewcastle United

“Cash injection to get them where fans think they should be.”

Both have had success in the past with all-time greats Lewis Hamilton and Alan Shearer, with no recent success, both teams are on their way back.


“Won lots in the past, but can’t seem to do so anymore.”

Both have had success with Spanish icons but are struggling to perform at the top end of the sport nowadays despite having big name signings.


“A feeder team. All the best go elsewhere eventually.”

A natural comparison on this list, with Southampton losing their best players to the big boys with AlphaTauri doing the same with parent team Red Bull.

Alfa RomeoEverton

“Won stuff in the past, but it’s been a while. Mid-range team now.”

Neither team are ever considered to win anything in the sport, but both have high ambitions of getting back towards the business end of the sport like the good old days for their fans.

Aston MartinTottenham Hotspur

“Relative success in patches but bottled things recently.”

Although both have big name stars such as Sebastian Vettel and Harry Kane, both are known for having the potential to be dangerous but never quite realising their potential.


“New boys on the block that started well but could face problems.”

Haas showed potential like Brentford have done, but both are smaller teams and don’t have the same financial power of the other teams.

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