Triple H taking over creative: Eight WWE stars who will benefit from new regime change

  • Ash Rose
Eight WWE stars could thrive working under Triple H

WWE ushered in a new era this week as Triple H was appointed head of creative following the retirement of Vince McMahon

It’s a move that fans have been dreaming of for many years, and has come somewhat unexpectedly given that Triple H had only very recently returned to his backstage roles following his heart issues last year. 

GiveMeSport looks at eight talents who may benefit from the The Game holding the pencil. 


The last link to the black and gold NXT, Ciampa’s timing as a fully established main roster member couldn’t have come any better now that his old boss in charge of the big shows. Triple H repeatedly built NXT around the Blackheart and made him a long-term champion of the brand and could repeat the same path on Raw. If there are any doubts on The Game’s feelings towards Ciampa, take a look at his reaction to his last NXT match earlier this year. There have been fewer more tender hugs of appreciation ever seen in WWE. And Ciampa may now reap the benefits.

Johnny Gargano 

Talking of Ciampa, Triple H’s appointment could mean a return for his old sparring partner Johnny Gargano. The former NXT grand slam champion has been a free agent since his contract expired with WWE in January, but as someone who was the heartbeat of The Game’s NXT could well be persuaded for a return to a company now under his eye. We’re all here for a full Gargano v Ciampa programme on the bigger stage, and Trips could deliver that. 

Raquel Rodriguez 

Triple H’s famous finger point has been aimed at several talents during his time as the ‘godfather’ of NXT and it there’ll be a slew of talents pleased to see him in charge of the main shows. One of those will be Raquel Rodriguez. During the black and gold days, Big Mami Cool was built as a dominant women’s champion and with SmackDown needing more credible names, you can see Trips replacing the happy, smiley Rodriguez with more of what we saw in NXT. Which can only be good news for the women’s division and even better news for Raquel. 


Gunther (or Walter) was someone that Triple H was a massive fan of when he was on NXT UK and constantly name dropped the record-breaking NXT UK Champion whenever discussing talents for the future – and that was before he’d even stepped into the US. Now the Austrian is a big part of Friday Night SmackDown, which means with The Game is in charge, he should be very big part of the WWE’s immediate future. Put your money on a major title run for Gunther, very, very soon. 

Sasha Banks

It is obviously a delicate situation where Sasha Banks is concerned. WWE can’t be seen to be allowing talents to dictate storylines on their own terms, which is why that have come down so hard on The Boss and her tag team partner Naomi. However, one thing Triple H has proved very good at over the years is building bridges. This is now a new regime, and The Game will know Banks’ worth, so there could be an opportunity to offer an olive branch to Sasha and Naomi to try and resolve their differences for the benefit of all involved. 

Kevin Owens 

Cast your mind back to who was deemed fit to carry the Universal Championship in the aftermath of Finn Balor’s injury, it was Kevin Owens – thanks to an assist from Triple H. That pedigree may have just been part of the story, but it was a continuation of the belief The Game has is KO, that started when he brought him to NXT. True, Owens hasn’t been fairing too badly under Vince and his team – he headlined WrestleMania after all – but under Trips we may finally see Owens back with world title gold round his waist – which he completely deserves. 

Cody Rhodes

Triple H is a smart man and knows where the money is. Cody’s return to WWE went as perfect as it possibly could have done before the injury lay-off, but once he’s fit and raring to go things may have just got even better for the American Nightmare. The Game will happily play on Cody’s previous grievances at him, and engulf them in a storyline that should propel Rhodes all the way to the top and a world championship run. 

Seth Rollins 

Seth is already one of the biggest WWE Superstars in the company, but it’s been too long since he was THE man or THE face of the company. That could all change with Triple H in charge. Rollins and Trips have a long history – most of it being backed by the new head of creative – and with The Game now as his boss once again, the future must see The Visionary as the focal point for the company and possibly the man who could finally end the reign of Roman Reigns. 

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