WWE Raw: Chaotic opening proves fans are in for a much more exciting show under Triple H

The future of Raw under Triple H looks rather exciting

Last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw was the first Triple H has produced since becoming Head of WWE Creative.

The show took place just hours after WWE announced that Triple H was taking over Vince McMahon’s responsibilities in creative following his retirement.

However, with SummerSlam taking place this weekend, many fans expected last night’s show to still be a Vince show, with Triple H’s vision not coming into effect until next week.

That was largely what happened, with Triple H not really starting any brand new storylines last night, with that expected on next week’s show as we head into Clash at the Castle.

That wasn’t to say that Triple H didn’t have some influence on the show last night, with the former WWE Champion’s fingerprints clearly being all over the broadcast’s opening segment.

Last night’s show immediately opened with cameras showing a brawl between The Miz and Logan Paul ahead of their match at SummerSlam.

The bitter rivals were already brawling as the show kicked off, and had to be separated by WWE Officials, as you can see from the embedded tweet below.

The segment immediately caught the attention of fans, with many feeling that chaotic scenes like this have been what’s been missing from the show under Vince McMahon.

As noted, it went down really well with fans online, many of whom welcomed the more energetic opening to the show.

Below are a selection of tweets from fans about the segment between Paul and Miz, with the overall reaction being rather quite positive.

It may have only been small changes, but it was clear from last night’s show that Triple H was running the shop.

Fans seem genuinely excited about the future of WWE with HHH in charge of creative, with Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan leading things up behind the scenes.

As noted, the real big changes won’t be felt until probably after SummerSlam this weekend, but this little taster proved that main roster shows are in good hands under ‘The Game’.

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