Roman Reigns & Logan Paul: Eight WWE stars who could struggle with Triple H now in charge

  • Ash Rose
WWE stars who may struggle now that Triple H is in charge

The Triple H era is up and running in WWE and anticipation is at fever pitch to what we can expect from the new head of creative. 

While many talents will be pleased to see The Game in charge and what it might mean for them going forward, it may not benefit every superstar in the locker-room. 

GiveMeSport looks at eight talents who may struggle under the Triple H regime. 

Liv Morgan

Wrestling is full of underdog stories and it can be a winning emotional tool that can propel Superstars to the next level. Liv Morgan very much fits into that role and the ‘mighty mouse’ type character that Vince McMahon has pushed in the past. And while Triple H isn’t silly enough to ignore the merits of Morgan and her current journey, it doesn’t feel like she’d be a long-term project for The Game. She never flourished under Hunter during her time on NXT and it could mean a short run at the top for Morgan. 

Cody Rhodes 

Yes, we’ve already said he could be someone who benefits from Triple H’s arrival, but there is a train of thought that would see Rhodes taken down the pecking order, too. It was Vince who ultimately brought Cody back to WWE, and although Cody has already stated there are no issues between him and Hunter, would that change with Triple holding the creative pen? There could be a slight temptation in getting his own back on Rhodes’ infamous throne smashing act aimed at Triple H. 


‘Your Daddy’s not here anymore’. No one said it better than Roman Reigns on Raw this week and there could be some truth to the Tribal Chief’s quip. Austin Theory was clearly a Vince McMahon guy. Both on-screen and behind the scenes, Theory was being promoted as the ‘next big thing’ with prominent roles at Elimination Chamber, WrestleMania and currently as Mr. Money in the Bank. He’s not going away anytime soon, but is Vince McMahon’s guy a Triple H guy? 

Logan Paul 

There’s nothing like mainstream publicity and Vince McMahon craved that exposure during his tenure, starting with the very first WrestleMania. Fast forward four decades and Logan Paul is still giving WWE exactly that and they’ve double downed on that exposure by making Paul a full-time WWE Superstar. None of this will be news to Triple H and he’ll understand the benefit that Logan brings. However, Paul can expect a slightly alternated storyline path from The Game than he may have received from Vince and his team. 


There’s a time and a place for WWE Hall of Famers who can still go. Triple H will now that. But what he’ll also get is not to overkill the product with guys like Goldberg, and certainly not at the expense of your current talent. Goldberg’s appearances may still happen under The Game, but the days of him winning titles and dominating near the top of the card should be less frequent. Triple H knows how to play the game. 


Triple H grew up in the land of the giants and knows all too well what an attraction like Omos can offer WWE. Yet, having seen the type of profile he favours in NXT, The Game doesn’t seem to have the lust for a big man like Vince McMahon. There’s still a place for the monster in WWE, but that place will be much further down the card than it would have been under the eye of Vince. 

Bianca Belair 

Yes, she’s one of the biggest female stars in the company, and yes Triple H knows she’s ‘money’. However, he knew all about her qualities in NXT and failed to ever give a run with the championship. She’s clearly grown as a performer since those days, especially as a babyface, but her dominance may wane a little. There are plenty of other female talents that Triple championed in the past and he may spread the love around a bit now he’s in charge. 

Roman Reigns

 It seems unbelievable that anyone could touch the WWE’s biggest name and the all-conquering run that Roman Reigns has been on. However, Roman was always Vince’s guy. Reigns transformation into the Tribal Chief has made fans forget about how he was thrown into the spotlight and rejected as Vince’s chosen one, but with Triple H now in charge of the ship, could there be some rockier roads ahead for him to acknowledge.

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