Aaron Rodgers' outfit as he arrives at Packers training camp has set the internet ablaze

Aaron Rodgers arrives for training camp

Fans on the internet cannot get over the way that Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has shown up to training camp.

This week signals the start of training camp, where all 32 teams are now at their respective facilities as they begin the final stages of preparation before the start of the 2022 NFL season. Some of those will be at the team’s usual facilities, others will be taking place at a location on the road, but it is seen as one of the last hurdles for the league to clear before we can start looking forward to actual football. 

The first day of training camp has been used as a chance for some people to show off in the past, for instance then Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey arrived in a brinks truck in a not-so-subtle message to the team that he wanted to be paid big with a new contract.

Famously Antonio Brown arrived in Latrobe for the Pittsburgh Steelers in a helicopter as he wanted to make a grand entrance to further play into his rather flashy persona that he began to develop whilst in the Steel City.  

Then there is what Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has done as he arrived at their practice facility, in what is both an understated and overstated look at the same time. 

Business VERY casual

The 38-year-old is going for something that hasn’t been done since his predecessor Brett Favre in the mid-1990s by going for 3 NFL MVP awards in a row, having taken home the honour in 2020 and 2021, whilst also looking for that elusive second Super Bowl title that could well make a big impact on his overall legacy in the game.

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In what year were the Packers founded?

But his outfit for the occasion certainly didn’t come across as someone who was ready to work, at least not on the football field, as he arrived in a cutoff shirt and jeans, looking more like someone entering a building site than an NFL locker room:

The internet can’t handle it

It was a look that took many on the internet by surprise and they couldn’t contain themselves as they rushed to Twitter to comment on this slightly odd look:

Packers fans 1
Packers fans 3
Packers fans 4
Packers fans 6

When you have the career that Rodgers has had, there is some element of leeway attached, for instance, one of the Packers rookies turning up in the same outfit might be taken the wrong way. But so long as Rodgers backs it up on the field this year, he can wear pretty much whatever he wants.

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