Crazy MMA moments: Dana White reacts as fighters are disqualified for being too boring

Crazy MMA moments: Dana White reacts as fighters are disqualified for being too boring

The boss of a Russian mixed martial arts tournament shocked Dana White after stopping a contest and disqualifying both fighters for being too boring.

UFC boss White tuned in to a Russian MMA tournament this week and likely wanted to scout some future stars, but what he didn’t expect to see was a fight abandoned for being too boring.

During the tournament’s quarter-final lightweight bout between Ali Bagov and Rashid Magomedov, ACA president Mairbek Khasiev stepped in to end the contest, slamming both fighters for not providing enough action.

Both Bagov and Magomedov entered the fight with conservative game plans, and were criticised by Khasiev for standing around and avoiding action for four of the scheduled rounds.

Khasiev immediately disqualified both fighters, and launched a defence of the ACA League to the live audience.

“The ACA League is not a kindergarten,” he stated, as per the Daily Mail. “It is a serious league.

“The ACA League today, is – regardless of what anyone says – is the second greatest fight league in the world.

“Every time I say this, someone comes out with some sort of criticism. And now we are showing you what sort of league we really are.

“That’s it. Disqualified. That’s it, I’ve had it, I got no nerve for this. What is this? What the f*** are you – what are you? Do you think we’re schoolboys over here?

“Right, you’re all free to go, that’s it.”

If Khasiev’s actions weren’t already shocking enough, it has also been reported that both fighters were not paid for the event.

But his actions did gain him one very important fan – Dana White – who labelled Khasiev’s actions as “f****** awesome.”

“Props to that guy [Mairbek Khasiev]. Highly, incredibly unprofessional but f****** awesome at the same time,” said White.

“Was it really a boring fight? [laughs] Well, it gives me some f****** ideas for next Tuesday. Believe me, there’s been days that I’ve wanted to throw a chair in there.”

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But while White joked about copying Khasiev’s actions at a UFC event, the 53-year-old eventually conceded that it was the wrong thing to do.

“You just gotta sit there and take it or get up and go to the back and sit in your own room. One of those two things is probably what the guy at ACA should’ve done.”

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