KSI dismantles Jake Paul in Twitter war of words after Alex Wassabi cancellation

Jake Paul KSI

KSI and Jake Paul engaged in a war of words over their potential match-up, but it will not be their next fight.

Tempers flared on social media as the rivals took to Twitter on Saturday after a change in plans to KSI’s upcoming fight.

He was set to take on Alex Wassabi on August 27, but the American YouTuber was forced to withdraw due to injury.

Paul was swift to offer to take his place, but the Brit confirmed his team had contracted a back-up fighter for this eventuality.

The social media to-and-fro began on Saturday when Paul tweeted: “Heard that Alex is out because of a concussion. F***ed up. This was a big opportunity for Alex. He will be back.

“KSI… everything happens for a reason. I’ll come fight in your hometown. Your boxing company. You are A-Side. I also agree to make 180 pounds for August 27. You accept?”

In response, the Sidemen member retweeted a previous tweet when he predicted Paul would come ‘begging’ to fight him with the caption: “Well this aged beautifully”.

jake paul
Jake Paul

The American shot back minutes later, posting a video of KSI claiming Paul would not fight him on his own terms. He added the caption: “THIS AGED TERRIBLY @KSI YEAH! YES SURE! GREAT! YES NO PROBLEM SIR KSI I AGREE TO ALL YOUR TERMS!!”

He followed this up by saying: “My manager just told me KSI is down but only if I fight him for free and he keeps all the revenue. That’s what they offering… I said hurry the f*** up and send me the contract.”

This led to a string of tweets where KSI blasted Paul’s credibility and his team.

He said: “You and MVP are so untrustworthy. First Tommy Fury, Hasim Rahman Jr and now Alex Wassabi.

“Even when you do put events on, all you do is lie to your fans and inflate your numbers by like 50 times. We know your dealings with each promotion and what you actually make. It’s a joke.

“The industry knows now that you are not the draw you have portrayed to be. Your stock is down bad and you don’t get to dictate s*** to me mate.

“You think you’re clever but we anticipated you’d pull something like this.

KSI hasn’t fought since November 2019

“Plus you’ll probably try to pull some s*** causing our event to cancel, to just like your flop event did.

“You tried to drain Rahman, so that there would be no life left in him when he fought you with the rehydration clause.

Paul got the last word in, posting: “THIS IS OFFICIALLY THE BIGGEST DUCK OF ALL TIME.”

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