Fans on the internet left stunned by bizarre Aaron Donald training footage

Aaron Donald's training camp footage

Fans on the internet have been reacting to footage that has emerged of Aaron Donald during training camp for the Los Angeles Rams. 

When it comes to Aaron Donald and his time with the Los Angeles Rams he has put together a list of accomplishments that not only put him in the discussion as the greatest defensive lineman of all time, but perhaps the best overall defender as well.

With 441 combined tackles, 226 QB hits, 150 tackles for loss and 98 sacks which turned into 8 Pro Bowl appearances, 7 First-team All-Pro honours and 3 NFL Defensive Player of the Year awards, he already had established quite the legacy in the game, but his performances to help the Rams win the Super Bowl and get him his ring only cemented it.

And a lot of the numbers come down to the sheer amount of work that he puts in to get himself in the best shape ahead of games, but more than just the usual workouts, he has his own unique way of doing things.

One of a kind

To call Donald’s work habits conventional would be as far from the truth as you could possibly describe them. For instance, he went viral a couple of years ago after footage emerged of him training with knives in order to work on his hand works as he trained in a form of Krav Maga:

Now the knives are fake and made of rubber, but they can still cause some damage if they catch you the wrong way, so the drill isn’t without total meaning. 

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But perhaps an even weirder drill took place this weekend in training camp, as footage posted online shows him looking as if he’s choking another lineman in another hand-based drill:

Concern and curiosity

Quite what this is meant to be working on is a bit of a mystery, but it seems to have garnered the imagination of a number of fans online as they flocked to the footage:

Aaron Donald tweets 1
Aaron Donald tweets 2
Aaron Donald tweets 3

You kind of feel there needs to be a ‘don’t try this at home’ message attached to the footage, because whilst it looks like both men were in control of the situation, you would hate to think it could get out of hand if people did it irresponsibly.

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