Triple H: The WWE star that's set to be heavily pushed under new Head of Creative

Triple H is WWE's new Head of Creative

Ciampa is set to be one of the WWE Superstars to benefit most from Triple H becoming Head of Creative.

Ciampa (formerly Tommaso Ciampa) became one of the most popular wrestlers in the world during his time with NXT, which only ended this year.

A lot of that was down to Triple H, who was booking WWE’s developmental brand for almost all of the time that Ciampa was part of it.

So, when news broke that Triple H was becoming Head of Creative for WWE, many fans thought that Ciampa would really benefit.

Ciampa could thrive in WWE under Triple H
Ciampa could thrive in WWE under Triple H

Ciampa has been on TV pretty regularly since his call-up earlier this year, but reports suggest that things are about to get even better for him.

Fightful Select is reporting that a decision has been made within WWE to book Ciampa more effectively over the coming weeks.

Fightful has already learned of increased discussions about enhancing the presentation of Ciampa. Obviously Ciampa is a Triple H favorite, and was looked at one of the likely beneficiaries of the regime change.

As you can see above, the line Fightful used is that WWE is going to be “enhancing Ciampa’s presentation” by booking him in matches that can showcase his skills.

Among some of the things we’ve heard is Ciampa being put in more matches that showcase his ability

The report even notes that Ciampa may be regaining his old NXT theme back, which is again another indication that Triple H wants to book him as a main event star as he has done previously.

Ciampa has been involved with The Miz over the last few weeks on WWE Raw, mixing it up with Logan Paul too as he feuded with the former WWE Champion.

The former NXT Champion cut a fantastic promo on Raw Talk last week to build towards Logan v Miz, and Fightful notes that WWE higher-ups noticed just how good it was.

In addition, as you can imagine, Ciampa’s promo with the Miz turned a lot of heads and impressed several people backstage

Ciampa will be in action tonight on Monday Night Raw, fighting in one of the three-way matches that WWE has announced for the show.

Two triple threat matches have been booked, with the winners of both matches progressing to a singles match, where the winner of that will earn a United States Championship match against Bobby Lashley.

Consider these reports, it really wouldn’t be too surprising to see Ciampa given the wins, setting up a title feud between him and Lashley.

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