Worst boxing debut ever? Emanuel Williams vs John Rincon goes viral again

Worst boxing debut ever? Emanuel Williams vs John Rincon goes viral again

Back in 2018, ‘the worst professional boxing debut of all time’ took place as Emanuel Williams took on John Rincon.

On the undercard of Maurice Hooker’s WBO light-welterweight title clash with Alex Saucedo, Williams was knocked out 84 seconds into the first round by fellow American Rincon and the ‘highlights’ of the fight have re-emerged and are going viral on Twitter.

Williams danced around the ring, seemingly incapable of defending himself, and took various ‘unorthodox’ stances as he tried backing away from the oncoming whirlwind headed his way.

The 20-year-old didn’t give a good account of himself, as he displayed no boxing skill and looked way out of his depth as Rincon – who was also making his debut – wiped the floor with him.

The white and gold short-wearing youngster broke the ‘defence’ of Williams multiple times, with each shot staggering his fellow teen further back with each punch to the head and face.

A body shot from Williams’ 19-year-old opponent proved to be the final nail in the coffin as he fell to the canvas and was unable to answer the referee’s count in time.

His one and only cornerman – who was wearing a two-piece suit at ringside – failed to check on Williams as he writhed in agony after the lightweight bout came to a close.

Williams’ poor technique was the butt of the commentators’ jokes as they couldn’t help but laugh at how out of place the young man appeared to be inside the ring.

In a Twitter post containing a clip of the fight, fans were quick to point out just how shocking this bout truly was for Williams.

One person joked: “They literally got bruh off the streets put gloves on him.”

Another quipped with something of similar subject matter: “POV: u got a lonely kid off the street and threw gloves on him.”

A third chimed in with: “Bro got into a fight in highschool and decided to go pro.”

This is definitely one of those cases where you think how was this even allowed to happen and unfortunately it really did seem over before it even started.

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Who is this heavyweight boxer?

All that can be said is that perhaps boxing isn’t for everyone and it certainly isn’t in the case of Emanuel Williams.

Having said that, he did fight three further times after this harrowing debut, losing all three by stoppage.

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