Gran Turismo 7: Could there be an AI update?

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The AI is one of Gran Turismo’s most often voiced complaints. Gran Turismo’s AI behaviour has improved significantly since the series’ inception in 1997, yet you never get the sense that you’re competing against real people.

The AI opponents in GT7 are too cowardly and seldom ever engage in positional combat. With its Sophy AI learning system, Polyphony hopes to change this.

Sophy, which was revealed back in February, was created in association with Sony AI and Polyphony Digital. The most accomplished Gran Turismo gamers in the world may already be surpassed in lap times by this powerful AI learning system.

Even so, it was 17 seconds faster than Lewis Hamilton’s Nurburgring lap record set in the GT SPORT Lewis Hamilton Time Trial Challenge.

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Will an AI update come to Gran Turismo 7 before the end of the year?

Sophy will be included in GT7 in a future update, according to Kazunori, who did not specify when. However, a statement made by the official Gran Turismo YouTube account seems to indicate that it will happen shortly.

A member of the GTPlanet forum saw a user asking the live chat during the Italian-language stream of the World Series Showdown Nations Cup when the Sophy AI will be included in GT7.

The official Gran Turismo YouTube account said, “If everything goes well, we’ll put it in-game before the end of the year,” but in Italian.

Notably, this is the first time a confirmed source has given an approximate release date for the Sophy AI upgrade.

At the World Series Showdown, Sophy debuted in GT7 for the first time as well. Professional Gran Turismo players like Valerio Gallo and Igor Fraga battled against the AI.

According to GTPlanet, Sophy-driven vehicles placed first and second in the first race at Sardegna Windmills, but Valerio Gallo, the Gran Turismo World Champion, defeated the AI in the second race in Lago Maggiore.

Gran Turismo 7 is scheduled for release on 4th March 2022.
Gran Turismo 7 is scheduled for release on 4th March 2022.

Although a precise date hasn’t been set, an AI update later this year might benefit GT7 before Forza Motorsport presents serious competition in the spring. The World Series finals, which will be held in Monaco from November 25–27, might overlap with the AI upgrade, as GTPlanet notes.

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