Roy Keane ‘welcoming’ Gus Poyet to Premier League in 1997 was one of his worst tackles

Roy Keane Gus Poyet challenge

There’s just nobody quite like Roy Keane.

The Manchester United legend, who made a name for himself as one of the hardest men in the game, has since gone on to become one of the biggest no-nonsense merchants in broadcasting.

If ever you’re in need of someone to unapologetically speak their mind, then Keane is your man.

However, while we know him today as the burly, bearded menace on Sky Sports, it could be argued that he possessed an even more fearful aura during his playing days.

Never has a man ben willing to go to lengths Keane was in order to get his side over the line and, quite often, he went too far.

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But it was that very mantra that made him so popular with the fans at Old Trafford, with absolutely no one in doubt about Keane’s commitment whenever he took the pitch.

It might not have always been pretty, but, at his best, Keane was one of the planet’s premium midfielders.
So, as you can imagine, it wasn’t always easy being in the opposite line-up.

Never was that more on show than when Keane went out of his way to ‘welcome’ a certain Gus Poyet to the Premier League.

Poyet, having just signed for Chelsea, was keen to make an impression in front of his new fans but, Keane, in his pomp in 1997, had other things in mind.

As Poyet attempted to control a ball in the Charity Shield tie with his head, Keane came flying in, boot raised and all, before landing a sweet connection straight to the head of the new boy.

It was quite the challenge, which you can see in the clip below:

The most Roy Keane tackle there ever was one and, of course, he wasn’t even booked for it.

United would go on to win the clash on penalties leaving Poyet with no doubts as to the world he was stepping into in English football.

Poyet would go on to enjoy a relatively successful career in west London before moving elsewhere but you can be sure he never forgot that first coming together with Keane.

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