New York Jets' Mekhi Becton flattens coach with his insane strength during drills

Mehki Becton and New York Jets coach

New York Jets tackle offensive lineman Mekhi Becton has shown off his incredible strength by pushing over one of his coaches with just one hand. 

The New York Jets are going through what should hopefully be the first stage of seeing some signs of progress with their latest rebuilding efforts. Having been one of the laughing stocks of the league, having been without a winning season since 2015.

This will be the second year that the team will have Robert Saleh as their head coach, but will be hoping that their three first-round draft picks, cornerback Ahmad ‘Sauce’ Gardner, receiver Garrett Wilson and defensive end Jermaine Johnson will help get them back to some level of relevance.

And of course there’s quarterback Zach Wilson who is entering his second year as well, where he’ll hopefully take a step forward to becoming a franchise quarterback at the NFL level. But in order for him to be a success, he needs to have a good offensive line to protect him, and one of those men is set to be Mehki Becton. 

Make up for lost time

Becton, who was a first-round pick for the Jets back in 2020, is looking for a much more productive season than the one he had in 2021, where he was restricted to just one game as a result of a knee injury that he picked up early in the season.

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But whilst his knee might not be 100% after spending a year away from the game, there is no doubt that his upper body and arms are just fine as he showed off his very impressive strength during Jets training camp this morning.

What’s he done?

During a drill with the other offensive linemen, he was working on blocking with just one arm, a skill that could come in handy if he has to keep his eye on two defenders at the same time before peeling away to make another block. Not only did he execute the block well, but he did so with such force that he managed to push over the coach that was helping him do the drill: 

Now there is a comical element to it, mainly because the incident does look somewhat similar to soccer player Paulo Di Canio and his infamous shove of referee Paul Alcock back in 1998 with the way the coach fell to the ground:

And the fact the coach managed to be pulled to his feet right away without showing any signs of pain show that it didn’t hurt him that much. But perhaps Becton just needs to be a little more careful with how he treats those above him in the organisation and leave the heavy stuff to the people he has to face on the field.

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