Bobby Lashley crushing a watermelon with his bare arms proves his unreal strength

Bobby Lashley crushing a watermelon with his bare arms proves his unreal strength

Bobby Lashley is known as The Almighty, which is a very fitting nickname.

He possesses an insane physique which catches the eye of fans across the world every week on Monday Night Raw and is presented as one of WWE’s current top stars.

Lashley first joined the WWE in 2005, but things didn’t quite pan out as expected. He never won a world title during his first run with the company and only picked up a United States Championship victory before leaving in 2008.

It’s no surprise that a man the size of Bobby Lashley is a legit tough guy. After leaving WWE, he floated between wrestling and trying his hand at MMA. He had fairly successful results in the MMA world and, when signed to Bellator, he won all five of his fights.

The Almighty returned to the WWE in 2018 and the company made it their mission to emphasise his insane power. He was taken a lot more seriously and it wasn’t long before he was put into the WWE Championship picture.

After he joined forces with MVP and formed The Hurt Business, Lashley was able to capture the WWE title in 2020 and currently has two reigns under his belt. Incredibly, he became the third ever African-American to hold the WWE title after The Rock and Kofi Kingston.

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One thing that has followed Lashley everywhere he’s gone is his impressive strength. It’s hard to take in just how powerful he is and he still pops up with mad feats of his strength that surprise us all.

The official WWE Twitter account has posted one of these insane showcases by uploading a video of Bobby squeezing a watermelon between his arms.

Unsurprisingly, he does it with minimal fuss, making a massive watermelon look like a grape.

The video attempted to mimic Lashley’s finishing move The Hurt Lock as best he could on a watermelon.

In a regular match, Bobby applies a full Nelson hold and attempts to submit his opponent. Yet, even on a watermelon, the power is there for all to see.

As he applies more and more pressure, the watermelon pops and bursts with it becoming crushed in the arms of The Almighty using jaw-dropping strength.

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