Liverpool, Man Utd, Chelsea: How much did each PL club pay to assemble their squad?

Premier League trophy

Happy 2022/23 Premier League day.

The new campaign kicks off today with Crystal Palace hosting Arsenal – and we can’t wait.

What does the Premier League have in store for us over the next 11 months?

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There’s no doubt that England’s top flight is the greatest league in the world right now.

There is more money in the Premier League than ever before with the likes of La Liga and Serie A unable to compete.

The best players in world football are heading to these shores and clubs are getting stronger and stronger.

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While the transfer window is still open until the end of August, most clubs have done all their business early ahead of the new season.

So, it presents an opportunity to take a look at just how valuable each Premier League side.

Using data from Transfermarkt, we’ve looked at the market value of each squad – the amount of money their players are currently worth. We’ve compared that to their purchase value – how much those same players were bought for. And we’ve looked at the difference between the two – the bigger the difference, the better.

Check out the table below before the explain the findings:

How much each PL squad is worth – and how much it cost

No.ClubMarket valuePurchase valueDifference
1Man City£909.63m£862.96m£46.67m
5Man Utd£637.92m£568.05m£69.87m
8Aston Villa£451.89m£321.36m£130.53m
10West Ham£341.10m£295.02m£46.08m
16Crystal Palace£247.32m£211.31m£36.01m
19Nottm Forest£142.20m£94.89m£47.31m
Premier League club values
Manchester City owners

It’s no real surprise to see that Manchester City and Liverpool squads are worth the most in the Premier League. However, City’s squad is worth around £130 million more than their rivals. They also bought their squad for about £270 million more! That’s the difference between winning the Premier League and finishing second, I guess…

Chelsea certainly aren’t far behind Liverpool in terms of squad value – less than £30 million behind.

Spurs have the biggest difference between their purchase value and market value with around £360 million difference. Their purchase value is just £315 million – below the likes of Aston Villa (321m) and Newcastle (£337m). The vast difference in market value and purchase value suggests the players they’ve signed have since increased in value due to age and performance – although the fact Harry Kane cost nothing and is now worth £81 million will certainly help.

Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League

Manchester United’s squad was the third most expensive to assemble at £568 million. And they’ve made just a £70 million on that number.

Arsenal’s figures are reasonable, with their squad costing £475 million – the fifth lowest in the top six above Spurs. They’ve got a difference in £153 million with their current market value.

Elsewhere, Newcastle’s poor recruitment is evident. They’ve spent £337 million on their current squad and it’s currently worth around £300. They’ve made almost £37 million loss on their transfer business.

It’s also not surprising to see the three promoted clubs having the lowest valued squads in the Premier League. Fulham and Nottingham Forest have slightly increased the value in their squad but Bournemouth have made a very small loss.

You can really see which clubs are good in the transfer market and which clubs really aren’t…

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