KSI vs Alex Wassabi: Sidemen member shows off insane seven-month transformation

KSI Body Transformation

KSI is gearing up for his next fight in the ring, taking on fellow YouTube star Alex Wassabi in a boxing match at the end of August.

The pair will settle the score on August 27 at the O2 Arena in London, giving KSI the home advantage for the fight.

So far, he’s undefeated in his two bouts, both against Logan Paul. The first fight ended in a draw, with KSI getting the bragging rights over his now business partner after a split decision victory.

His opponent, Alex Wassabi is going for the double over the Olatunji family after easily beating KSI’s brother, Deji, who features on the undercard of this next fight. He’ll be taking on American YouTuber Fousey.

Then, before the main event, FaZe Temperrr will go toe-to-toe with Blueface before the main event gets underway.

Streaming will be on DAZN’s pay-per-view service if you still want to watch the fight and aren’t able to make it to London for the spectacle.

KSI is the UK’s biggest and most successful influencer with millions of fans worldwide

Since taking on Logan Paul, KSI has been away from the ring for going on three years, so his training hasn’t been the same, with him focussing on other things.

His priorities have been his YouTube channels, whether that be his own personal one or those he has with his group, the Sidemen.

Not only has he been throwing himself into his YouTube, his music career has taken off astronomically, with him playing at large festivals and then releasing a single with Tom Grennan.

During 2022, KSI has clearly been stepping up his training regime, taking the fight incredibly seriously. When announcing the fight, he said: “I can’t wait to repeatedly punch the man I’ve had beef with for years, the man I’ve laughed at for years, the man that beat my brother, the man that has signed his death wish as soon as we enter the ring. I’m a different animal & you will realise that fact on August 27th.”

KSI has released a transformation video on Twitter, showing himself go from having a slight chub to being absolutely built, the transformation is huge.

He even made a joke in his tweet about his original physique after agreeing he was roasted by TikTok, captioning his transformation with: “TikTok age restricted my video because it thought my chest were actual t**s. I’ll just post it here.”

It truly is an incredible transformation, with JJ looking in incredible shape ahead of his main event fight later this month, find out everything you need to know about the event: HERE

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