Ranking every Premier League club based on their walkout music

General view inside the stadium of West Ham United

The Premier League clubs have some excellent walk-on music – but what about if we ranked them based on the songs they came out to?

A walkout song. Meant to ignite passion and intensity – but ultimately strike fear into their opponents. It’s the first thing they hear when they set foot on your pitch, so best believe you better make the music count. This is why many clubs have had a staple song to come out onto the turf, recreating that feeling every time a game commences.

With world-renowned clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, Arsenal and many more, they’re bound to have great walkout songs, right? Well, some are bangers – but some are certainly clangers.

So, with this, we’ll be ranking every Premier League club in the 22-23 season based on their walkout music.

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20 – Bournemouth

Song: No walkout song?

Strange one to begin with, as we couldn’t necessarily find a walkout song for Bournemouth. A few forums suggest that they sometimes change between Fatboy Slim and Kasabian – but with no official tune, it has to be ranked bottom of our list.

19 – Southampton

Song: The Saints are Coming – The Skids

At 19th is Southampton, with a punk anthem that doesn’t fit the walkout song vibe. It makes sense, given the club’s nickname – however, it’s entirely underwhelming in terms of atmosphere.

18 – Nottingham Forest

Song: Mull of Kintyre – Paul McCartney

The Premier League new boys Nottingham Forest also have a pretty drab walkout song. Just give it a listen.

17 – Tottenham Hotspur

Song: Duel of the Fates – John Williams (Star Wars theme tune)

Our first semi-haunting tune is for Tottenham and is meant to create an intensity in the stadium, which it does – but it’s heavily overused and just a bit boring.

16 – Brighton & Hove Albion

Song: Sussex by the Sea

A royal fanfare of such. This regal anthem has the players marching out onto the pitch. Or, in Brighton’s case this season – Solly March-ing. I’ll show myself out.

15 – Manchester City

Song: Right here, Right Now – Fatboy Slim

Great tune, heavily overplayed – which is why it sits at 14th.

14 – Leicester City

Song: Post Horn Gallop

Leicester City do put on a performance when coming out, with a live trumpet performance usually occurring – however, this can seem a little tame for the ferocious foxes.

13 – Brentford

Song: Hey Jude – The Beatles

A footballing classic. One that everyone knows and certainly get’s the crowd going. Solid effort from Brentford, but again – not unique.

12 – Fulham

Song: Palladio – Karl Jenkins

A fierce piece of music that certainly gives goosebumps. Palladio is a classic and an incredible walkout song.

11 – Everton

Song: Z Cars – Sirens

We always love hearing this one on Match of the Day. This upbeat, cheerful tune is not on the scary side, but it’s an entirely personal anthem to the Premier League, and it wouldn’t be the same without it.

10 – Aston Villa

Song: Escape – Craig Armstrong

This opera masterpiece sends shivers down the spine, and it’s a perfect introduction to a Premier League match. Great work, Aston Villa.

9 – Manchester United

Song: This is the One – The Stone Roses

An iconic Manchester band for an iconic club. This is the one rings around Old Trafford before kickoff and gets the crowd and players pumped up.

8 – Crystal Palace

Song: Glad All Over – The Dave Clark Five

Not much needs to be said about this. Another song in English football folklore brings a smile to the face every time it’s played.

7 – Leeds

Song: Marching On Together – Les Reed

Love or hate Leeds United – you can’t deny them bellowing this out pre-match is simply sensational. It deserves a high spot.

6 – Newcastle

Song: Coming Home (Local Hero theme) – Mark Knopfler

What a song. When this kicks in with the saxophone, it’s a thing of sheer bliss for the ears. Newcastle United – well in.

5 – Chelsea

Song: Liquidator – Harry J Allstars

Similar to Everton’s walkout music, this is one everyone knows and bobs along to. The additional ‘Chelsea!’ at the end of every last note is enough to carry it up in terms of atmosphere.

4 – Wolves

Song: Hi-Ho Silver Lining – Jeff Beck

One that you have to scream at the top of your lungs. Hi-Ho Silver Lining is an absolute shoe-stomper and echoes around grounds across England – including Wolves, who are 4th in this list.

3 – West Ham

Song: Forever Blowing Bubbles

West Ham United‘s Forever Blowing Bubbles is nothing short of iconic. The lyrics are sung by Hammers far and wide, and its quirkiness deserves a very high spot in our rankings.

2 – Arsenal

Song: Lux Aeterna – Clint Mansell

The mother of all opera anthems is just missing out on the top spot – Lux Aeterna. This chilling rendition is perfect for building sheer suspense and atmosphere, and it is unlucky to miss out on being first.

1 – Liverpool

Song: You’ll Never Walk Alone

Here we have it. Probably the most iconic walkout song in world football – so it simply has to take the top spot. At number one, it has to be You’ll Never Walk Alone.

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