WWE banned words: Triple H lifts ban on two after taking charge

WWE banned words: Triple H lifts ban on two after taking charge

Following the resignation of long-time chairman of the WWE Vince McMahon, changes are already being made and implemented backstage, and one of those changes are the lifting of a couple of previously banned words from television shows.

McMahon has been replaced by newly instated Head of Creative, former wrestler and Vince’s real-life son-in-law Triple H, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time.

He’s also highly regarded by many officials backstage, but also by the WWE Universe, who will no doubt support him as he makes moves in his new role.

In one of his first actions as creative director, Triple H has decided to lift the ban on two words which under McMahon’s reign were blacklisted.

It’s very well known that there are certain terms and catchphrases that you cannot say when on live television, whether it be Raw, SmackDown or a PPV. The Superstars, the commentary team and all interviews backstage abide by the same list.

Well, that is unless you are Cody Rhodes, who recently admitted he’d be willing to pay $1,000 if it meant using the term ‘belts.’

It has long been known that McMahon had a banned word list and in 2020, Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer reported the extent of McMahon’s ‘dirty words,’ which were not to be used within WWE without his exclusive permission.

Vince McMahon has now retired from WWE
Vince McMahon has now retired from WWE

Some of these words included blood, diva and headshot.

However, since the appointment of Triple H in his new role, according to the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, two words ‘wrestler’ and ‘wrestling’ have been welcomed back into WWE.

Although a lot of McMahon’s banned list is still currently in place, it should be considered likely that the new era of WWE will result in a lot of these words being able to be used once again.

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Bastion Booger WWE

Can you name this obscure WWE Superstar from the 1990s?

WWE really is in a new era, so we shouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of changes coming our way over the course of the next few months.

We for one are really excited to see what Triple H does!

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