Match of the Day: Ian Wright responds to Alan Sugar jibe by wearing pink shirt

Ian Wright, Alan Sugar

Ian Wright had the perfect response to Alan Sugar’s latest taunt on Twitter. 

The former Arsenal star has been subject to a number of messages from The Apprentice host of late, many of which have attempted to provoke him on topics related to women’s football. 

In his most recent jibe, Sugar criticised Arsenal’s pink third kit during their win against Crystal Palace in the Premier League on Friday. 

“Pink shirts,” he wrote. “I wonder if Ian Wright would have played in a pink shirt.” 

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Fans react to Sugar’s comment

A number of fans were not impressed by Sugar’s remark and were quick to try and correct the former Spurs owner. 

“Nothing wrong with a pink shirt,” one said. “Pink was once considered a masculine colour for boys as it was a precursor to red which men would wear as it was synonymous with blood and hunting.”

Another condemned Sugar’s “stereotypical” point of view and urged for such opinions to be kept away from social media. 

Alan Sugar

“Really? In the 21st century we still have a stereotypical reaction to pink being a colour for females and that a man wearing pink is less than a man,” they said. “Please, we have put up with this sort of c**p for too long…take your stone age views elsewhere!” 

Meanwhile, others were quick to point out that Sugar is no stranger to wearing a pink shirt himself and has previously sported one during an episode of The Apprentice.

One user shared a photo of Sugar in pink attire and captioned the image: “This you pal.” 

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Wright’s hilarious response

While Wright didn’t publicly respond to Sugar on social media, his brilliant choice of outfit on Match of the Day made it clear that he’d seen the original post online. 

Wright wore a bright pink polo shirt on the programme and when questioned on his attire by host Gary Lineker, he replied: “Real men can wear pink.” 

Understandably, fans were quick to praise the former Gunners icon. 

“I love Ian Wright,” one said. 

“Brilliant,” said another. 

“Well played,” wrote a third. 

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What else has Sugar said? 

Sugar’s comment came less than a month after he slammed the BBC’s coverage of Euro 2022 for not having enough male commentators and pundits. 

Later, he suggested Wright’s inclusion on the punditry panel was in response to his Tweet. 

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Mary Earps

We’ll start off with England’s heroic goalkeeper in the final…

“I was pleased to see my old mate Ian Wright was given the opportunity to commentate on the ladies’ game last night,” he wrote. “I wonder if my earlier tweet below touched a nerve. Of course, BBC sport will [say] Ian was already lined up for it.”

Wright then posted a brutal video in response, where he condemned Sugar for doubling down on some “complete f**king foolishness.” 

You can see the video below.

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