WWE super fan recreates Stone Cold Steve Austin’s entrance

Stone Cold Steve Austin Walk-On Recreated

WWE is a global phenomenon, with the organisation acquiring fans all over the world and continues to grow all the time as the shows are constantly getting bigger and better.

The demand for WWE shows is huge, with showcase event, WrestleMania moving from one day to two to signify how big it has become and how the demand to see more is always there.

Throughout the history of the organisation, there has been huge names, from the likes of Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant, through to The Undertaker, Kane and John Cena to today’s big hitters such as Roman Reigns and Becky Lynch.

However, one of the biggest names will always be the incredibly entertaining and all-time great, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The legends of the WWE from the earlier days are still involved today and are remembered fondly, even by those not lucky enough to watch them in their pomp. New and young WWE fans are constantly reminded about the exploits of those that came before their favourite Superstars.

He’s unsurprisingly a Hall of Famer in the WWE, adopting a rebellious persona around the ring in a typically brash and defiant way, soaking himself in beer during his entrances to show the world he does what he wants and has no regard for what anyone has to say about him.

Between 1999 and 2003, Stone Cold Steve Austin headlined WrestleMania three times against The Rock, showing us one of the greatest rivalries the WWE has had, with the Superstars the polar opposite of each other.

The Rock & Stone Cold
The Rock & Stone Cold

Such is the success of WWE and Stone Cold Steve Austin, fans in Nigeria have been paying homage to the great man, with Ebuka Dikeh recreating his iconic entrance outside his own home in Nigeria.

He masters the confident strut to the ring and uses his railings outside of his front door to signify the ring and uses them as the ropes.

Donning a Stone Cold Steve Austin type of outfit, he then mounts the railings and imitates the great man, before getting a friend to throw two bottles of water to him.

Dikeh uses the water to symbolise the cans of beer Stone Cold Steve Austin had on his way to the ring in truly iconic fashion.

The video has been edited too to add in the music and voiceover from a genuine Stone Cold Steve Austin walk-on, making it even more authentic and realistic looking.

It’s safe to say he makes an incredibly good Stone Cold Steve Austin.

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