10 more ex-WWE stars who could return under Triple H following Karrion Kross' comeback

  • Ash Rose
Several ex-WWE stars could be brought back to WWE

Triple H has been in charge of WWE for less than a month and we’ve already seen some significant changes in the company. 

Most notably we’ve seen the returns of some old faces who were disregarded under the previous regime but are now being bought back to the company.

We’ve already seen comebacks from Dakota Kai and Karrion Kross, so GiveMeSpot runs down ten more names that The Game could bring back to WWE. 

Tegan Nox 

One half of Team Kick has already made her WWE comeback in Dakota Kai and there must be talk of bringing Tegan back into the fold, too.

Tegan Nox had just started to make an impression on the main roster before her release in November, and Triple H has always admired the Welsh star’s determination to fight back from two long-term injury layoffs.

With a certain show in Cardiff around the corner, it would be the perfect time for Nox and her Shining Wizard to make a WWE return. 

Drake Maverick 

Drake is actually already with WWE having quietly returned to a backstage role in February after being released as an on-air talent last November.

Maverick still has a lot to offer in an on-screen role, whether it be in a comedic role we have seen him so well in with the 24/7 title skits or his odd couple segments with Killian Dain, or as a scrappy underdog – something that bought him back to the party the last time he was released.

Ironically Drake would be an ideal fit for the current guise of NXT, if that stays as 2.0 under Trips’ eye. 

Candice LaRae 

A constant in Triple H’s NXT, she was almost like the Phil Neville of the black and gold brand. Never let anyone down, was comfortable playing anywhere on the card and was always consistent in doing so.

She left in May this year whilst she was on maternity leave, and it was reported at the time the company we keen for her to stay.

Triple H will be even keener for her to come back when she’s ready and add some of the top-level consistency and always impressive in-ring work to the Raw and SmackDown roster. Especially by the side of her hubby…more on him later. 

Matt Cardona 

It’s hard to think of anyone who’s made more of himself since leaving WWE than Matt Cardona. Since being released in April 2020, Matt has wrestled for every major company going and made every appearance feel like a big deal in doing so.

His transformation into a deathmatch champion was one of the most unlikely moments of 2021 and shows he still has a lot to offer WWE.

Now with a reputation of being so much more than the somewhat one-dimensional character Zack Ryder was, Cardona could come back a more well-rounded version of the Long Island Iced Z. 

Braun Strowman 

While Vince McMahon was always more partial to having a ‘big man’ in WWE and is probably not a talent as associated with Triple H, The Game will be fully aware of the assets that Strowman can still offer.

To be fair to Braun he always had a little more to him than being just another big guy and had a good relationship with Trips during their time together in WWE.

He’s currently a massive part of his Control Your Narrative promotion and looking in better shape than he’s ever been and so it may not be long before we see him back in WWE alongside girlfriend Raquel Rodriguez. 

Good Brothers 

The Good Brothers arguably don’t need a WWE return, as they seem to be enjoying life flitting back and forth between AEW, Impact and their work in Japan, but there could still be a WWE itch to scratch.

There’s something very D-Generation X to the humour of Gallows and Anderson and having the veterans back in WWE could give the tag team division a real shot in the arm if they are portrayed in the right way.

That passing of the ‘too sweet’ signs back at Raw’s 25th anniversary may have been more significant than we all think. 


Paige’s WWE contract expired in June, which may have been unfortunate timing for the first-ever NXT Women’s Champion.

Then, it was agreed she had no future with the company, but now that could be a different story under Triple H. Yes, there is the obvious question of if Paige could ever step back in the ring again and complete a comeback in the vein of Edge or Daniel Bryan.

But if not, her experience of the game could be used wisely elsewhere both as an on-air talent or someone who could help the new recruits transition to the WWE style.

Just as long as Triple H stays clear of any more questionable jokes…

Bray Wyatt 

A shock release in June last year, Bray hasn’t been seen in a WWE ring – or pretty much anywhere else since his departure from the company.

A talent whose creativity may be beyond that of the wrestling bubble, it could possibly be harnessed better under the new regime, who you could argue he would have more flexibility than there was before.

As someone who had and would still have a huge fanbase in WWE, Triple H will know what a massive splash he could make with Wyatt back in the fold and what he could do with his unique characters. 

Johnny Gargano 

Currently a free agent following the expiry of his contract in January, WWE already wanted Gargano to stay with the company even before Triple H gained control.

Now The Game is in the driving seat, Johnny Wrestling is almost a lock for a WWE return. Since leaving the company Gargano hasn’t signed or even wrestled for anyone else, and the only major reason for his break was to welcome his new son into the world and enjoy the first few stages of fatherhood.

It all points to seeing the NXT Grand Slam champion back in WWE and with a major role on Raw or SmackDown, where we’d love to see him run into Ciampa for a programme on the bigger stage. 

Sasha Banks and Naomi 

Under the new regime and having let the dust settle on the walkout that happened on Raw back in May, surely, it’s only a matter of time before Sasha Banks and Naomi are back in WWE again.

Triple H will know more than most how heated things get backstage and while not condoning the actions of the former women’s Tag Team Champions, there is a bigger possibility of reconciliation from both parties – especially when there’s still money to be made.

With the title tournament now set to kick off again on Raw this week, it wouldn’t be a grand shock if the former champs are bought back as part of the storyline. Boss knows Boss. 

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