Kevin Owens: Hugely exciting update on Triple H's plans for top WWE star

Triple H has some big plans for Kevin Owens in WWE

Kevin Owens is likely going to be one of the WWE Superstars to benefit most from Triple H becoming Head of Creative.

Kevin Owens wasn’t on Monday Night Raw last week, but many fans feel as if he’s going to thrive working under Triple H.

‘The Game’ brought Owens to WWE in 2014, and immediately presented him as one of NXT’s top stars.

Owens almost immediately won the NXT Championship, and was dubbed as one of the first ‘Triple H guys’ by fans and wrestling pundits.

And, if reports are to be believed, things are going to pick up massively for KO now that Triple H has been appointed as Head of Creative.

Kevin Owens could be set for a big push in WWE
Kevin Owens could be set for a big push in WWE

Fightful Select is reporting that Triple H is “cooking up” some big plans for Kevin Owens on Raw now that he’s running the show.

Speaking about why Owens hasn’t been on WWE TV as of late, Fightful explained that it’s down to big things being planned for the former Universal Champion.

Here is the exert from Fightful’s report, courtesy of WrestleTalk.

We’ve not heard of an injury or anything of the like. Instead, we’re told that creative is being cooked up for him for plans moving forward.

The news could come as music to the ears of Owens’ fans, with it being likely that the 38-year-old will be pushed heavily under Triple H.

There’s no word on what WWE has planned for KO, but the fact that plans are being “cooked up” for him on Raw is certainly a good sign.

Many fans have been hoping for WWE to restart the storyline between Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins from earlier on in 2022, so perhaps that’s something Triple H will look to do now.

Rollins is also a favourite of Triple H, so don’t be surprised to see KO and Seth involved in some high-profile storylines together on WWE TV.

Speaking of former NXT stars likely to be pushed by Triple H, reports suggest that T-Bar could be set to undergo a gimmick change, which you can read more about by clicking here.

The future of WWE is definitely exciting under Triple H, with the brand feeling more refreshed than it has in several years now that Vince McMahon has retired.

You can watch Monday Night Raw live every single week in the US on the USA Network and in the UK on BT Sport.

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