FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Top 5 cards under 50k (August 2022)

Tim Cahill of Everton runs for the ball

FIFA 22 is drawing to a close very soon and the price of cards on Ultimate Team (FUT) are lower than ever!

In this late stage of FIFA, it’s apparent that you can get some absolute bargains on the FIFA 22 FUT transfer market. The likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar, Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe are all down to absolutely ridiculous prices, with the most expensive of the lot costing just 47k.

This is mental, and the teams you can build for very little at this late stage of the game are simply staggering. But what are some of the best cards you can obtain on the market for as little as 50k coins?

Well, here at GiveMeSport, we can show you. Here are the top five cards you can get on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team in August 2022 for under 50k coins. All prices are correct as of FUTBIN on the 8th of August 2022.

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Shapeshifters Pierre Kalulu

Kalulu in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team
Credit: FUTBIN
  • Xbox – 37.5k
  • Playstation – 43.5k
  • Origin – 48k

A monster of a player. The pacey French centre-half is an absolute steal and is excellent for French/Serie A hybrids.

Shapeshifters Leonardo Spinazzola

Leonardo Spinazzola in FIFA 22
Credit: FUTBIN
  • Xbox – 34k
  • Playstation – 41k
  • Origin – 37.5k

Another phenomenal Shapeshifters player is Leonardo Spinazzola – who, for just 40k, could be the general in your midfield.

TOTS Lucas Paqueta

Lucas Paqueta TOTS in FIFA 22
Credit: FUTBIN
  • Xbox – 34k
  • Playstation – 38k
  • Origin – 39k

A player that was once going for millions on the market, you can now pick up Lucas Paqueta for absolute pennies. The Brazilian CAM is great in-game and possesses an excellent attribute in the form of 5-star skills.

Hero Shapeshifters Tim Cahill

Hero Shapeshifters Tim Cahill in FIFA 22
Credit: FUTBIN
  • Xbox – 46k
  • Playstation – 39k
  • Origin – 38k

Next up is the Hero Shapeshifter Aussie legend – Tim Cahill. You will struggle to get a more well-rounded Premier League midfielder than him. Not only this – he also has strong links to all Premier League players, making him fantastic for squad building.

Hero Shapeshifters Joe Cole

Hero Shapeshifters Joe Cole in FIFA 22
Credit: FUTBIN
  • Xbox – 38k
  • Playstation – 40k
  • Origin – 38k

Last but not least – the best player we think you can pick up in the game for under 50k is Hero Shapeshifters Joe Cole.

This card is simply sensational – a 5-star skill CAM with ludicrous stats. We love that he’s technically English in the Ligue 1, which makes for endless squad-building possibilities.

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