Brock Lesnar: The WWE Superstar that 'The Beast' refused to work with

Brock Lesnar is one of the goats of WWE

Brock Lesnar refused to work with WWE Superstar Jinder Mahal ahead of the pair’s proposed match in November 2017, it has been claimed.

As we approached Survivor Series 2017, Brock Lesnar was the Universal Champion on Monday Night Raw, whilst Jinder Mahal was the WWE Champion on Friday Night SmackDown.

Jinder won the WWE title in April 2017 from Randy Orton, and his proposed match with Lesnar seemed WWE once again trying to get him over as champion.

However, days before the match with Brock was slated to take place, Mahal lost his WWE Championship to AJ Styles, meaning the match was called off.

It seems like the decision to have Mahal lose the title, so his match with Brock was called off, may have actually come from Lesnar himself.

Brock Lesnar is one of WWE's top stars
Brock Lesnar is one of WWE’s top stars

Road Dogg, who worked behind the scenes in WWE until he was released last year, recently explained that Lesnar didn’t want to work with Jinder.

Speaking on the Wrestling Outlaws podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer explained that the Universal Champion simply told higher-ups that he wouldn’t be working with Jinder.

Interestingly enough, Road Dogg also claimed that Mahal wasn’t the only WWE Superstar that Brock refused to work with:

So yeah, Brock [Lesnar] said, ‘I’m not working with him [Jinder Mahal].’ He said that about several people by the way.

There’s no word on why Lesnar didn’t want to work with Jinder, and all we know is that he had no desire to share the ring with the former WWE Champion, and he got his way.

Jinder Mahal is a former WWE Champion
Jinder Mahal is a former WWE Champion

In fairness to Brock, Mahal losing the title meant that he wrestled AJ Styles on the show instead, which is a match that almost every WWE fan would have rather watched.

The Styles v Lesnar match was absolutely brilliant, and perhaps we wouldn’t have seen it if Lesnar didn’t complain about working with Jinder.

Brock was last seen on WWE TV at SummerSlam, losing in a fantastic Last Man Standing match to long-time rival, Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

After the match, fans believed that Lesnar teased retiring from WWE, but recent reports have indicated that he isn’t going anywhere, which you can read more about by clicking here.

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