Man Utd's Harry Maguire 'stood on wrong side of the tunnel' before Brighton defeat

Harry Maguire in Man Utd tunnel

Harry Maguire has been accused of making Manchester United players stand on the wrong side of the tunnel ahead of their Premier League opening weekend defeat to Brighton.

A video has gone viral that shows Maguire and the rest of his Man Utd teammates in the tunnel before kick-off against Brighton.

However David de Gea, who is standing behind Maguire, looks extremely confused and points to the other side of the tunnel saying something to the United captain.

Maguire then moves over and switches places with the Brighton side who had lined up.

Everyone looks a bit unsure and United fans are criticising their skipper for not knowing which side of the tunnel to line up before the 2-1 defeat.

Check out the video:

VIDEO: Maguire ‘makes Man Utd players stand on wrong side’

However, we think we know the reason why Maguire and De Gea were so confused.

Recently, we explained how Erik ten Hag has decided to switch the dugouts around at Old Trafford.

United explained the change on their official website. “In a new lay-out agreed with Erik, the home and away dugouts have been permanently switched so that the United manager, staff and substitutes will now be sat in the seats to the west of the half-way line – the dugout previously occupied by the away team,” the article read.

“Erik approved the move after visiting Old Trafford for the first time in May and noting how the old away dugout was closer to the tunnel, and to the half of the pitch where substitutes warm up.  

Ten Hag coaching Man Utd.

“Switching sides will also position the home staff and players closer to the Stretford End – the traditional heart of the home support – and align the dugouts with the halves of the pitch in which the home and away teams warm up before the game.”

This likely means the players are required to switch positions in the dugout before the game and this obviously slipped Maguire’s mind.

It’s a simple mistake to make and probably one that doesn’t deserve the type of criticism that was aimed at the defender on social media.

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