F1 22 game: VR footage is absolutely stunning

The new Formula 1 game has been out for just over a month and in that time we have seen some stunning footage as the series tackles the all-new era of cars in the sport.

It was quite the challenge for EA to get the dynamics spot on with the dramatic change in the handling of the 2022 cars compared to 2021, but it’s a challenge they have met full on, and the game is a thoroughly enjoyable experience no matter what console you’re playing on.

For those lucky enough to be experiencing it through Virtual Reality on PC, though, F1 22 perhaps takes on an even deeper level of immersion and excitement, taking you closer than ever before to the experience of driving a Formula 1 car at high speed against some of the finest racing drivers in the world.

Speaking to Give Me Sport back in July, Senior Creative Director of F1 22, Lee Mather gave us the lowdown on bringing VR to the game:

“It’s something that the community has wanted for a very long time. And we’ve always wanted to do it. But it was just we never had the capacity on the team to be able to achieve it to the standard that we needed to.

“This year, we were lucky enough to be able to work with a team at Behaviour Interactive, who previously have done VR work for us on the Dirt series. So we knew they could do a really good job. We knew they understood VR, we knew they understood some of the pitfalls of how to basically put somebody into a virtual Formula One car without making them feel queasy.

“We’ve got a lot more knowledge as to how to do VR properly, we’ve got the guys on board at Behaviour. And that’s why we decided this was the right time to do it. And obviously, they delivered it to the very highest level, it really is incredible. And in terms of the experience, it’s very much a case of you put your VR headset on and you’re fully immersed in being the driver, at that point forward, you’re in the cockpit of the car, you know, and it renders the game twice.”

The footage, meanwhile, totally reflects just how well a job they’ve done with VR:

It’s a stellar feature that we can’t recommend highly enough if you’ve got access to it, and we can’t wait to see how it develops for the editions of the game that lie ahead.

F1 22 is out now. Get your copy here.

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