Usain Bolt once showed he's a class act by cutting interview for national anthem

Usain Bolt showed he's a class act by cutting interview for national anthem

To this day, Usain Bolt remains the fastest man alive, with his 9.58s record in the 100m sprint remaining intact.

As a result of his outrageous speed, Bolt has become a global superstar and a household name, but it hasn’t had an impact on his manners and respect for others.

The Jamaican sprinter is well known for being extremely respectful, taking time out of his day to meet and greet everyone regardless of their status.

But it’s not just people that demand the respect of Bolt, the 35-year-old also stopped an interview in its tracks to respectfully listen to the US national anthem – the ‘Star-Spangled Banner.’

Back in 2012, Bolt was competing in the London Olympics, where he successfully defended his 100m title, but while his gold medal-winning run was impressive, so was his actions after the race, when he stopped mid-interview to respectfully listen to the US anthem.

“Is this live?” questioned Bolt, before turning to face the music. The Spanish reporter followed suit and then resumed the interview shortly after. Bolt swiftly apologised for cutting off the reporter, but then respectfully finished the interview.

The Jamaican athlete ended up adding a further three gold medals to his collection during the London event.

He continued his prosperous career, which saw him eventually become a triple world-record holder, an 11-time world champion, an eight-time Olympic champion and a four-time Laureus Sportsman of the Year.

Bolt has since retired, hanging up his boots aged 31 in 2017, but he still dabbles in the sport and tied the NFL 40-yard dash record in sneakers and sweatpants in the lead up to Super Bowl LIII.

But while Bolt’s achievements on the track deserve heaps of praise, he also deserves plenty of respect for remaining a hugely lovable character off it.

Although he will rightfully be remembered for his unreal pace around a circuit, he’ll also be remembered for how well he held himself, whether it be during interviews or with fans.

Usain Bolt truly is a sporting great.

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