Wayne Mardle's explicit interview in 2005 is still so awkward to watch

Wayne Mardle Why Wasn't I Told Interview

Wayne Mardle is a huge name to darts fans worldwide and was near the top of the world rankings in the early 2000s, competing in the Premier League and frequently reaching the business end of the major tournaments.

Not only was he a brilliant thrower of tungsten, Mardle was unrivalled when it came to entertaining. No one can argue he didn’t deserve to be dubbed the walk-on world champion!

Nowadays, new fans are lucky enough to listen to his insight when commentating on Sky Sports, putting all of his knowledge on the sport out there for us to marvel in. He offers in-depth training sessions from his house to help anyone’s game improve.

However, he didn’t always win, no one wins every match! Just like anyone in professional sports, losing is the worst case scenario and is a feeling we all hate.

Back in 2005, Mardle failed to qualify from the group stage of the Masters of Darts after losing all ties against the four BDO players seeing Phil Taylor and Roland Scholten advance, with The Power the eventual champion.

Day one of the event saw him fall 4-2 to the late, great, Andy Fordham, before Tony David beat him the following day.

LONDON – DECEMBER 29: Wayne Mardle of England celebrates winning the quarter final match between Phil Taylor of England and Wayne Mardle of England as Phil Taylor looks on during the 2008 Ladbrokes.com PDC World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace on December 29, 2007 in London, England. (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

The third day of competition saw Hawaii 501 lose 4-1 to Co Stompe and after a day off, he lost his final game narrowly 4-3 to iconic arrowsmith, Raymond van Barneveld.

After losing any clash, the last thing you want to do as a player is talk to the media, with the task of interviewing the frustrated stars often a difficult assignment.

On day three following his defeat to Co Stompe, Mardle let his frustrations boil over in his TV interview in an encounter which is an all-time classic, the transcript was as follows:

LONDON – DECEMBER 30: Wayne Mardle of England makes his way past the crowd up tp the oche during the semi final match between Wayne Mardle of England and Kirk Shepherd of England during the 2008 Ladbrokes.com PDC World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace on December 30, 2007 in London, England. (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

Presenter: “Wayne, after last night, we talked a little and how do you feel right now?”

Mardle: “I’m p****d off. I lost! F***sake. I don’t like losing. I don’t like losing. I’m f****d off. You get me in 10 minutes and I’ll be alright. They shouldn’t interview you now. 

Presenter: “So I better go to Co now?”

Mardle: “It’s f*****g too late now. Are you interviewing me or not? Seriously! Alright, there we go. Come on.”

Presenter: “Is there an explanation for this? We know you as a very good dart player.”

Mardle: “I’m playing s**t. Of course there’s not.”

Presenter: “How do you prepare for the last match then?”

Mardle: “These are the questions you should be asking, when we’re live!”

Presenter: “Oh we’re live now.”

Mardle: “We’re not live now!”

Presenter: “Yeah we’re live. There you are on television. I’m serious.”

Mardle: “Why wasn’t I told? I should’ve been told!”

Presenter: “Oh, I thought you knew?”

Mardle: “Well how do I prepare? I prepare the same, if I win, I win, but I cannot keep playing like this, this is no good.”

The look on Hawaii 501’s face is absolutely priceless when he realises that he’s live and had made a faux pas.

He took it all in jest though, with the clip often doing the rounds on social media, he joins in with the jokes that fly around about the famous ‘why wasn’t I told’ interview.

Never change, Wayne!

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