Colin Cowherd offers bold prediction on when New York Giants could replace Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones, QB of the New York Giants

Broadcaster Colin Cowherd has offered up a rather worrying prediction when it comes to New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones. 

2022 is set to be a big year for both Daniel Jones and the New York Giants as they are at a pretty big crossroads when it comes to their futures. Having not picked up the 5th-year option on his rookie contract, the Giants have sent a pretty big message to Jones that this could be his final year with the franchise.

It means that Jones, is going to have to put up a pretty impressive year for them if he is to earn another contract, whether that be with the Giants or with another team around the league, but based on what he has done so far, it would take a turnaround in production.

In his time in the NFL so far, he has completed 62.8% of his passes, thrown for 8,398 yards, 45 touchdowns and 29 interceptions, numbers which on their own aren’t exactly disastrous, but when put up against other quarterbacks in the NFL, it’s nowhere near enough for a team like the Giants to be competing.

Early signs aren’t encouraging

If Jones is looking to take a step forward ahead of the season, it seems as though he is going every bit of preseason remaining in order to get himself in the best shape, because footage that emerged over the weekend shows that there is still some work to be done when it comes to connecting with his receivers:

Now obviously it is just the one video without any further context (the ball may have been slippery for instance), but it still isn’t the best sign for a supposed franchise quarterback in the NFL to be off by that much. 

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Who has the most career passing touchdowns?

And it was videos like this that gave Colin Cowherd pause for thought.

What’s he said? 

Speaking on The Herd, Cowherd, as part of a discussion about footage that has emerged of Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, claimed that Jones has never been accurate as a passer, and so when you combine the facts with the video that emerged, you can see what is in store for him and the Giants this season, and it isn’t pretty:

“Daniel Jones similarly has never been that accurate. Even with David Cutcliffe [head coach at Duke University] he just wasn’t that accurate. In the NFL three years, he hasn’t been accurate. So when I look at Daniel Jones clips and video I say ‘well this is what he is’. And when I look at Tua’s clips I say ‘well that is what he is’. 

“So I do think Tua’s going have a big year and Daniel Jones by about week eight, they’ll be done with him and Tyrod Taylor will be playing. So in this instance I have data combined with video and I think these are real video clips of note and they are telling you stuff.

“I think the Giants are going to be an absolute wreck.”

Whilst this might ultimately be good for the Giants in one way, bad play from Jones would give them a higher draft pick and gives them the chance to grab another quarterback or franchise player in the 2023 Draft, if this were to play out, you would imagine it might be the end of Jones’ chances when it comes to being a starting quarterback in the NFL.

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