Armboxing is being labelled 'the next best sport' & it's mental


Sports fans around the world love the thrill and excitement offered by their favourite, whether that be the high-tempo drama of football, the risk and reward of Formula One or the immense skill of snooker, there’s something for everyone.

Combat sports such as boxing and UFC have absolutely huge followings, with the brutal nature and risk of the sports captivating their audiences around the world, with events taking place on every corner of the globe.

We now appear to have a new kid on the block when it comes to boxing, with the sport known as ‘armboxing’ going viral on social media given the insane nature of the events.

It’s like nothing we’ve ever seen before, traditionally there is an arena, whether that be a ring or Octagon to fight in, with armboxing offering up something completely different.

This unprecedented sport is like a mix between boxing and the slap contests, with the competitors on stage battling it out to win.

Both are locked into a podium in between them via a belt around their waist being chained to it so they have the same range of movement, although it is limited.

The fighters only have one free hand to fight with, having one tied up. In the contest going viral, both fighters have their left hands tied to one another, meaning they not only have limited movement, but are bound together in this close quarters fight.

It has been dubbed by Barstool Sports as the ‘next great sport’ and it certainly looks insane and will surely have an audience hooked on the drama.

Fans were loving the new spectacle on Twitter, with them taking to the replies to say: “This looks like they’re being friends and enemies at the same time.”

“Idk what I watched but I need more.”

“I would love to see two high level boxers do this. It would be carnage.”

“The next great evolution of man.”

“This is savage lol.”

“Looks exhausting.”

The competitors swing at each other across the table, with defence appearing to be the best form of attack, you don’t want to lunge over the table top and leave yourself exposed!

It’s a real game of cat and mouse, with landing a huge punch looking difficult, the sport looks like it’s tough to master, but one you have to be incredibly brave to take on.

Will we ever see this at the Olympic Games?!

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