Patrick Mahomes pulls off two insane throws during Kansas City Chiefs training camp

Patrick Mahomes throws trick passes at Kansas City Chiefs training camp

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has once again shown us why he is such a special talent at quarterback with some incredible throws during training camp.

The Kansas City Chiefs have slowly but surely put their name forward as one of the next potential dynasties in the National Football League, one that could rival the New England Patriots sides of the new millennium, the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1970s and the San Francisco 49ers of the 1980s. 

Having won the AFC West division title in each of the past six seasons, they have also done something that has never been done before in NFL history, and that’s host the conference championship game in each of the past four seasons, winning two of them and turning those into a Super Bowl victory during the 2019 season.

And a large part of that comes down to the incredible talent that is Patrick Mahomes, who since arriving with the Kansas City Chiefs in the 2017 season, has managed to put up 22,372 passing yards and 179 touchdowns across both the regular and postseason, including currently holding the career record when it comes to quarterback rating with a score of 105.8.

But Mahomes is someone that isn’t defined just by his numbers, a lot of it comes from his remarkable skillset.

Rely on the eye test

It’s one thing to put up those numbers, it’s quite another to find different ways to pull it off, and when it comes to Mahomes, there really is no limit to his imagination in getting the ball to his receivers. Indeed he has become synonymous with both the ‘no-look pass’ and the ‘sidearm pass’ over the past few years:

But he appears to be finding new ways to try and trick the opposition with his arm ahead of this upcoming season, and as a video posted by the Chiefs shows, he’s pretty accurate at it as well.

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Patrick Mahomes

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Right on target

In footage posted by the Kansas City Chiefs’ social media team, Mahomes is seem casually flicking the ball behind his back, and then with his weaker left hand, and managing to put it right on the crossbar from a good 30 yards away:

Now as we know, doing these in practice, especially without a lot of pressure on you from opposing defenders, and doing it in a game are two totally different things. But if there’s anyone that has the confidence to pull them off in a game, then Mahomes is the man to do it.

You just have to hope he hasn’t given away his secret too early and given other teams the chance to cotton onto them.

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