Fantasy Premier League 22/23: When to use your wildcards

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Fantasy Premier League is back for another year of Fantasy Football action – but when should you use your wildcards in this year’s campaign?

Wildcards are a very effective way to accumulate some big points in Fantasy Premier League. Like most things in the game, you must be highly tactical and cautious as you can only use these twice during the campaign.

So what is a wildcard? How can you play them to your advantage? Don’t worry – here at Give Me Sport; we’ve got you covered.

Here’s when to use your wildcards in Fantasy Premier League 22-23.

What is a wildcard?

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A wildcard allows you to make unlimited free transfers throughout a Gameweek. Playing a wildcard will remove any points deductions from transfers already made in the same Gameweek.

When using a wildcard, you must remain within your current budget. There is no unlimited budget when using a wildcard.

The Wildcard chip can be used twice a season. The first wildcard will be available from the start of the season until Saturday 12th November at 13:30 BST. The second wildcard will be open after Monday 26th December at 13:30 in readiness for the January transfer window opening and will remain available until the end of the season.

Wildcards are played on the transfers page but aren’t active until you have confirmed the transfers.

When playing a wildcard, any saved free transfers will be lost. You will be back to the usual one free transfer the following Gameweek.

Once you have played your wildcard, any transfers you make within that Gameweek are free, including any you made before playing your wildcard, up until the next deadline.

Once you have confirmed your wildcard, it is final and can’t be reversed under any circumstances.

When to use your wildcards

It would be best if you were playing a wildcard when you want to make multiple changes to your team, for example, Gameweeks when teams are playing more than once or when your team is underperforming or has a lot of injuries/suspensions.

It may also be smart to use the wildcard if you notice a team isn’t playing – which can happen over the course of the season. Make sure you keep a close eye on the fixtures each week in order to maximise your chances of doing well.

As mentioned previously – be tactical. These wildcards are a golden opportunity to gain valuable points and could be the difference between winning and losing in your league.

Don’t be afraid to use the wildcard when you feel it is necessary, not when your pals are using theirs – after all, each team is individual, and only you can make changes that can decide your FPL fate.

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