Claressa Shields: Savannah Marshall has fought 'a bunch of nobodies' (Exclusive)

  • Tom Ward
Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall

Claressa Shields is fed up with Savannah Marshall constantly bringing up her win over her in the amateur ranks at any given opportunity.

The two world champions collided with each other at the World Championships in China in 2012.

Marshall, 31, managed to defeat her long-time rival via a unanimous points verdict in the second round of the tournament.

Shields, who is four years younger than Marshall, suffered her only defeat as an amateur as a result.

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And for that, she says she’s going to make her pay for it.

Speaking to in an exclusive interview, she said: “That’s just what she lives off.

“That’s the whole storyline. She definitely talks about it a lot. That’s really her whole story.

Claressa Shields speaks at the press conference
Claressa Shields speaks at the press conference

“If you really want to hear the real story, she went to the Olympics twice, didn’t medal.

“Leading up to those World Championships, she got a fourth place, I believe in 2014 or 2016.

“But on the flip side when you look at those tournaments, I have gold on all four stages, and she was there so it’s just kind of weird that they keep painting this picture that she’s got the recipe to beat me.

“People think she’s the one. No she’s not. I’m the one.”

With a record of 12 wins with 10 knockouts, Marshall has a strong claim to being the hardest-punching women’s boxer of all time.

Claressa Shields in training
Claressa Shields in training

However, Shields seems to think otherwise.

She added: “If you look at her record, she’s fought a bunch of nobodies. That’s not opinion, that’s just facts. You can go on BoxRec and see it.

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“If you really pay attention, she is fighting girls on a week’s notice, three days’ notice, and fighting in Newcastle where she’s from, but I’ve been fighting all over doing my thing.

“I accept her knockout power, but I don’t respect her knockouts, and she can feel how she wants to feel about it.

“But the truth is there, if you want just go on BoxRec and look at her opponents’ records, and you’ll see that I have fought against the better fighters.

“And even though I’ve fought against the better fighters, I still have more world titles and everything than her, because I’m better.”

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